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Julius  Duncan

Julius Duncan

Board director

Built Environment Communications Group

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Describe your 2020. (In one sentence or no more than 5 words.)

Unique challenges overcome by teamwork.

How will COVID-19 change the comms industry in 2021?

The imperative to reach audiences where they spend their time – online – has been reinforced by COVID-19, so excellent digital engagement will be in higher demand than ever. Blended ways of working will emerge that take advantage of the best aspects of both WFH and office life.

Has 2020 changed your media consumption? If so, how?

Not really. The Financial Times, BBC and quality trades still dominate. I have spent more time with BBC Sounds podcasts, Americast being a highlight over the US election, and Brexitcast always adding insight.

Which newspaper, website, TV or social media channel is now most important to you professionally?

The Financial Times digital edition.

What's been your favourite creative PR campaign of the past 12 months?

The initiative by clothing brand Gymshark to fund GB long-jumper Dan Bramble, who had lost his financing and was working as a delivery driver. Authentic to the brand, COVID-beating, socially relevant. The strapline – 'So you can quit delivering parcels and get back to delivering gold' – was neat.

What do you think you'll do more of in 2021 than ever before?


What are you determined to do less of, professionally, than you did in 2020?

Work from home.

Which destination are you most determined to visit in 2021, and why are you excited to go there?

COVID-19 put paid to a trip to British Colombia, Canada, in 2020. This remains holiday target number one after rave reviews from many friends on the friendly welcome, landscapes and awe-inspiring scale of the Rockies. To be honest after 2020, anywhere beyond UK shores would be welcome.