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Henry Chappell

Henry Chappell


Pitch Marketing Group

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In no more than two sentences: describe the past year, and make predictions for 2020.

Twenty-nineteen was gnarly. Twenty-twenty will, hopefully, be a little calmer.

In a sentence: what is your biggest professional challenge for 2020?

Predicting what’s going to happen next.

What has been your favourite campaign of the past year? (Not one you were involved in.)

Paddy Power's ‘Save Our Shirt’.

Who handled PR most adeptly in the past year?

Dominic Cummings.

…And who most poorly?

Prince Andrew.

Which newspaper, broadcast news outlet or website is now most vital to keeping you informed?

In a sentence: what is the single most important aspect of the debate surrounding corporate purpose?


What’s the single most important thing the industry should do to encourage more diversity?

Getting school-leavers from all backgrounds who are not going into further education to gain work experience at agencies.

The industry jargon or buzzword that annoys me most is…


I can’t start the day without…

Unintentionally irritating my 15-year-old daughter.

One surprising thing about me is…

I once worked in an ice-cream factory, putting lids on ice-cream tubs. And got fired for having a sneaky taste at the end of an eight-hour shift.