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Emma Lynn

Emma Lynn

Corporate affairs director


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In no more than two sentences: describe the past year, and make predictions for 2020.

Twenty-nineteen was the most daily dynamic and fast-evolving year yet. Staying abreast of the environment and navigating Brexit preparations created significant challenge, but through genuine partnership we achieved a huge amount.

In a sentence: what is your biggest professional challenge for 2020?

Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives - so much to do to translate the value of incredible science and the potential impact it can have on so many lives.

What has been your favourite campaign of the past year? (Not one you were involved in.)

I’m not sure it’s a favourite in the traditional sense, but I was fascinated by the GE campaign approach and ruthless discipline. In particular the pre-election ‘framing’ that set the scene.

Who handled PR most adeptly in the past year?

This is a difficult question to answer in such a challenging year.

…And who most poorly?

As in previous years, it isn’t fair to say, but we all learn from each others’ mistakes as well as our own.

Which newspaper, broadcast news outlet or website is now most vital to keeping you informed?

There isn’t a single standout outlet for me; they all have a different view/bring something different. Having a broader, informed perspective is important.

In a sentence: what is the single most important aspect of the debate surrounding corporate purpose?

I am passionate about the opportunities that ‘business as a force for good’ can contribute to a healthy and wealthy UK.

What’s the single most important thing the industry should do to encourage more diversity?

Be less fixated on a university degree being the necessary entry criteria to a career in communications and corporate affairs more broadly. It limits our opportunities to introduce diversity into our industry in so many ways.

The industry jargon or buzzword that annoys me most is…


I can’t start the day without…

A black Americano and the news.

One surprising thing about me is…

I’m not nearly as confident as I appear.