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Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall



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Describe the past year and your predictions for the next 12 months

We'll see the pressure continue to grow on online giants such as Facebook, YouTube and Google in relation to monitoring content for taste and decency. Brand misplacement and reputation issues will stay at the top of the agenda.

Your favourite campaign of the past 12 months?

Running Down Dementia: a lovely way to bring together a community with a shared interest to raise awareness and funds.

Which person or organisation handled PR most adeptly in the past 12 months?

Gina Miller, a personal hero of mine, for the bravery and grace she continues to show in challenging Brexit.

…And which the most poorly?

Southern Railway. Call me cynical, but to use an intern to deflect calls for the operator to be stripped of its franchise is shameful. Just run the trains on time.

How has Brexit affected your organisation to date?

At my PR agency it has created work from clients who want to know how we can help them identify opportunities, understand the complexities and navigate through the change.

Which traditional media outlets do you prioritise?

The Guardian, Newcastle Journal, BBC News at Ten. I rarely look elsewhere unless it's really good clickbait.

Most important social media outlet?

The Pool: smart curation of content from authors with a feminist view on life.

Where is your most useful live professional networking place?

CIPR and PRCA events. It's amazing who you meet.

A genie grants you three wishes. What are they?

Recognition on social media that having a platform for your opinion doesn't necessarily make it valid; better investment in regional media; and a stop to Brexit.