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Eddie Gershon

Eddie Gershon


Gershon Media Relations

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In 2015 Gershon celebrated a quarter of a century representing JD Wetherspoon, and a recent contract extension will take him to the three-decade mark. A no-nonsense, efficient and affable comms man, the former pub trade journalist also has a foot firmly in the restaurant world, having worked on well-known accounts that include Prezzo and Vapiano.

What did you learn about yourself in 2015?

That hard work and a good contacts book pay dividends.

My greatest challenge for 2016 is…

To keep my existing clients happy by gaining lots of coverage, and hopefully picking up a few new clients too.

How should the PR industry address the gender pay gap?

There shouldn't be a gender gap – simple. People should be judged and rewarded on merit, not on their sex.

Which word or phrase would you ban from the PR lexicon?


Does the term 'PR' still retain any value? Do you still use the term to describe what you or your business does?

It does, but I describe myself as a publicist.

Which (living) businessman or woman has the best comms prowess?

Aside from Tim Martin of Wetherspoon, probably Sir Richard Branson.

I get annoyed by...

Puffy PR pieces.

PRWeek is buying a round. What are you having?

Ginger ale.