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Jamshed Wadia

Jamshed Wadia

Director, digital marketing and media


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Describe the past 12 months in four words.

Transformative, growth, purposeful, family.

Complete this sentence: "For the comms industry, 2017 will be the year of..."

Building authenticity.

How serious is the "fake news" problem, and how should the industry address it?

It's a huge problem that can deeply hurt and affect brands, consumers and society in general. It makes people skeptical of the very media that are the vehicles of our message. And that is why authenticity has to be the cornerstone for the industry, where there has to be a fine line between positioning a story versus making one up, providing complete disclosures in influencer marketing and a crisis team that is always ready to shine the light on the truth.

What is your professional ambition for the next 12 months?

I would like to focus on my team, open new doors for them, give them all the development opportunities and bring them closer to achieving their individual goals.

Is the uncertain geopolitical climate good or bad for the PR industry – and why?

We all know that the industry, trade and businesses prosper when there is stability, predictability and consistency. But uncertainty does bring opportunities for leaders and organizations to showcase their leadership in bringing about change and a positive outlook to what may look like a bleak situation. Tough times also dictate everyone evaluates whether they should be doing things differently and more efficiently. It helps people focus on finding new opportunities in places where they haven't been looking before.

Will PR exist as a separate profession in five years' time – or will it be merged into marketing or UX?

As function, it will always exist. Communication is the foundation of all human and business relationships. Just like now, organizations in the future will adapt to different flavors from where this function sits and operates within the organization. More important than where it sits, is the absolute need for perfect synergy between this function and all the other marketing and UX functions. Every business needs just one voice to its customers, because consumers don't really differentiate or care about your departments or divisions, they care about the interaction with your brand.

How can PR resolve the gender pay gap?

One of the best ways to counter the gender pay gap is by educating people across the industry about its existence in a data-driven approach. The data should not only illustrate why it's not fair, but also that it doesn't make business sense to have this gap. Of course, real investments have to made and committed to solving this problem. Investments that can roll into awareness-building, getting government and educators involved, building opportunities for mentoring and networking and committing to equal representation across all levels of the organization and industry.

Who is the most influential PR professional in the world?

I don't any particular person in mind, but to me the most influential communicators are our employees. No one can represent the passion for your business, brand and reason for existence better than an enthusiastic and committed employee. People trust people and they will know the difference between a marketing pitch versus an employee who is genuinely proud and passionate about their organization and what business they are in.

What was your favourite campaign of the past year?

I really liked Google's #LookBeforeYouLeave with Google Maps campaign. I like the way Google integrates technology and local culture in a simple-to-understand theme that touches the Indian psyche.

What is your favourite film that features PR?

It has to be Jerry Maguire. It relates back to my passion for authenticity, which I think is a timeless goal and vision to have for any communications professional.