Practical reputation management

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Video: What does the future of comms look like?

PRWeek, in association with Electric Airwaves, posed the question to industry experts...

Have Vampire Squids been Unfairly Maligned?

Goldman Sachs is the investment bank that everybody loves to hate. Does it care about its reputation? And if it does, with who?

Infographic: What's Happening to Internal and External Comms?

The Information

The Communication Director's landscape is evolving. PRWeek in partnership with Electric Airwaves interviewed leading Comms Directors across the private, public and third sectors. This is what they said.

New Animation - What Happens When The Entrepreneur Is Replaced By The Professional Manager?

Our latest short animation looks at whether the halo effect of the founder's story must die when the entrepreneur steps down and the professional manager takes over.

Animations - The One Story Series

These 90 second animated video case studies from Electric Airwaves highlight how some big brands have effectively communicated a clear, concise, compelling, consistent and truthful corporate story - and what happens if you do not.

How Not To Get Hung, Drawn And Quartered By A Select Committee

The grilling of Kids Company founder, Camila Batmanghelidjh, and her Chairman, Alan Yentob, by MPs on the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee afforded a masterclass in how not to handle such occasions. But what can we specifically learn from their appearance?

How a Lack of Transparency About Your Business Can Lead to its Demise

There are plenty of examples of poor communications making an organisation's crisis worse. But one struggles to think of any organisation that folded because it didn't communicate effectively in a crisis.

Dumping Reputation In Pursuit Of Sales

Should you pander to people you believe spend their time being professionally offended? Is corporate reputation more important than sales? Not according to Arjun Seth, CEO of Protein World.

How much Reputation Damage can a Spokesperson Inflict?

When an organisation's leader says something contentious in public, its PROs often cringe. A press release is issued to 'clarify' the comments in order to restore calm to troubled waters; the executive may be urged to take a holiday. But if the comments are not on the scale of BP's Tony Hayward "I want my life back" or going to upset the delicate equilibrium of stakeholder engagement, are organisations overly sensitive to how the public responds to controversy?