The changing role of the comms director

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Should you call yourself a PR 'professional'?

Infographic: You Are Not Alone - The Complex Life of a Comms Director

The Information

The role of the Comms Director has become increasingly complex. PRWeek in partnership with Electric Airwaves interviewed leading Comms Directors across the private, public and third sectors. This is what they said.

Interviews - The Changing Role of the Comms Director

Insight from Guto Harri, Andrew Caesar-Gordon and Arthur Leathley on the changing role of the Comms Director and what allows you to stand out as a top communicator.

The Headhunter's View

There was a time in the 1990s when I would be regularly approached by a particular type of PR consultant. Exhausted by pitching for new business, looking after clients and running an agency, they wanted to move to an in-house PR role. This role was perceived as Nirvana - a comfortable day job and the opportunity to 'be the client.'