Issues and crisis management

Infographic: How Prepared are Comms Directors?

The Information

How well prepared do Comms Directors feel they are to manage crises and issues? PRWeek in partnership with Electric Airwaves interviewed leading Comms Directors across the private, public and third sectors. This is what they said.

Crisis Management - BP, BA, Virgin and FedEx

Andrew Caesar-Gordon, MD of Media Training & Crisis Consultancy company Electric Airwaves, guides you through the response of four business leaders to issues and crisis.

Does Anyone Really Care about a Data Breach?

TalkTalk got hacked, sensitive info was stolen, customers were furious and shareholders fled to the hills. How bad will it turn out to be?

Promoted: How Come Volkswagen is Still Selling Cars?

Two months into its emissions scandal, there has been a small impact in the UK on sales of VW-branded cars but no collapse. What might explain it?

The Perfect Crisis Response?

For many in PR, the 'grand-daddy' of good crisis communication remains the Autumn 1982 response of Johnson & Johnson to the deaths of seven people in Chicago who had taken its market leading, over-the-counter painkiller, Tylenol. So what actually happened?

Lessons to Learn from a Product Recall

In recent years, food and drink manufacturers as diverse as Cadburys, Premier Foods and ABF have discovered food contamination, forcing them to announce product recalls. These companies have all survived. Why? Possibly because they learnt from Perrier how not to do it.

Speed Versus Accuracy in Crisis Comms

Which is more important in crisis communications - speed or accuracy? The answer is that speed is desirable and accuracy essential. If you communicate facts that are wrong, it is more damaging to your credibility than being slow.

What do you do When Crisis Becomes Multi-Agency?

As of May 2015, the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lies undiscovered. Following the tragedy the aviation world had a case study in how not to handle a crisis situation and learnt rapidly from it.