10:00 Chair's opening remarks 

Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA

10:05 What are the key characteristics that will define Influencer marketing and messaging in 2021 and beyond? 

Keynote panel discussion

  • Taking a close look at how brands have adapted their approach to working with influencers and creators over the past year 
  • Do senior comms professionals know how to effectively demonstrate the value of influencer marketing to the c-suite? 
  • How can brands and comms professionals utilize data to effectively identify who they should be working with? 

Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA
Martin Jaskolowski, Global Head of Advertising and Digital Chivas Regal, Pernod Ricard
Shira Feuer, CMO, Trinny London

10:50 Session Break
11:00 Professionalising your approach to Influencer marketing 

Panel discussion

  • An outline of the new BCMA regulations from  disclosure to syndication 
  • Why perfecting your influencer marketing strategy is the key to guaranteeing demonstrable ROI 
  • Complying with the CAP code and how this can help to foster brand trust 

Gordon Glenister, Head of Global Influencer Marketing, BCMA
Geraint Lloyd Taylor, Partner, Lewis Silkin
Rupa Shah, Founder Hashtag Ads
Jason Freeman, Legal Director of Consumer, CMA

11:45 Session Break
11:55 Adopting authenticity in order to drive a more impactful influencer campaign 
  • Why authenticity is king and ‘real’ posts and partnerships will be a key success driver in 2021 and beyond 
  • Why brands must look to creators in order to gain insights into their target audiences 
  • Why a picture perfect polished campaign may not have the impact that your business needs 

Louise Simpson, Content Creator, Three Little Tinkers

12:15 Session Break
12:20 Soapbox session: How lived experience can help shape a truly unique influencer Campaign

Cathy Williams, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Feeding America

12:25 Session Break
12:40 Using behavioural science to understand the why behind influencer marketing
  • How to figure out which influencer attributes will help you to make influencer campaign decisions at scale
  • Using data to teach AI to evaluate influencer content and predict performance
  • Getting to grips with the future: what is the influencer economy?
  • Operationalizing authenticity and understanding the key factors that help to shape an impactful campaign

Ian Randolph, Head of Product and ROI, Tailify

13:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 Ignite Session: Why micro influencers may have a more meaningful connection with your target audience
  • Why micro influencers can help to drive an outsized impact for  product discovery
  • How comms professionals can utilize micro influencers as part of their wider strategy    
  • Why despite the lower numbers of followers, micro influencers have a much more engaged audience, and what brands can do to captivate followers

John Adams, Founder, Dad Blog UK
Noha Al Afifi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Arthritis Action
Crystal Malachias, Global Growth & Development Director, ITB Worldwide

14:30 Session Break
14:40 Producing value driven content in a meaningful way  
  • Why it is essential that brands consider influencer campaigns that go beyond conversions
  • What collaborating with other influential organisations as well as individuals can do for your messaging 

Ruby-Jade Ariyiku, Co founder, VAMP

15:00 Session Break
15:10 New tech, tools and platforms 

Panel discussion

  • The explosion of TikTok tsunami: how brands can engage in a meaningful way on platforms that give influencers ultimate power
  • What new streaming habits and reels mean for the way content is consumed
  • How will platforms like Twitch and Clubhouse affect how a new generation of influencers engage with their followers, and what will that mean for their sponsored content?

Soraya Sobh, Head of Creator and Gaming Talent, Fnatic
Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA
Maiada El Shahawy, Regional Brand Communication & E-Content Manager, Nestlé

15:30 Chair’s closing remarks

Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA

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