10:00 Chair's opening remarks 
10:05 What are the key characteristics that will define Influencer marketing and messaging in 2021 and beyond? 

Keynote panel discussion

  • Taking a close look at how brands have adapted their approach to working with influencers and creators over the past year 
  • Do senior comms professionals know how to effectively demonstrate the value of influencer marketing to the c-suite? 
  • How can brands and comms professionals utilize data to effectively identify who they should be working with? 
10:50 Session Break
11:00 Professionalising your approach to Influencer marketing 

Panel discussion

  • An outline of the new BCMA regulations from  disclosure to syndication 
  • Why perfecting your influencer marketing strategy is the key to guaranteeing demonstrable ROI 
  • Complying with the CAP code and how this can help to foster brand trust 

Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA
Shira Feuer, CMO, Trinny London

11:45 Session Break
11:55 Adopting authenticity in order to drive a more impactful influencer campaign 
  • Why authenticity is king and ‘real’ posts and partnerships will be a key success driver in 2021 and beyond 
  • Why brands must look to creators in order to gain insights into their target audiences 
  • Why a picture perfect polished campaign may not have the impact that your business needs 
12:15 Session Break
12:20 The key elements to producing truly creative influencer campaigns

Case study

  • Illustrating the key success elements of the most impactful campaigns from having fun and building relationships to finding the right fit for your brand
  • Why working with an influencer should go beyond the basic plug and post options   
  • How to build brand created content so that it ties in more seamlessly with your creator’s tone of voice
12:40 Session Break
12:50 How to measure the efficacy and ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns 

Panel discussion

  • Why planning is the key to measuring performance
  • Looking beyond followers and impressions, what are the key metrics that comms professionals are missing?   
13:10 Session Break
14:10 Why micro influencers may have a more meaningful connection with your target audience
  • Why micro influencers can help to drive an outsized impact for  product discovery
  • How comms professionals can utilize micro influencers as part of their wider strategy    
  • Why despite the lower numbers of followers, micro influencers have a much more engaged audience, and what brands can do to captivate followers

Shira Feuer, CMO, Trinny London

14:30 Session Break
14:40 Producing value driven content in a meaningful way  
  • Why it is essential that brands consider influencer campaigns that go beyond conversions
  • What collaborating with other influential organisations as well as individuals can do for your messaging 

Ruby-Jade Ariyiku, Co founder, VAMP

15:00 Session Break
15:10 The power of audio: why creators are making use of the podcast boom, and how brands can take advantage
15:30 Session Break
15:40 New tech, tools and platforms 

Panel discussion

  • The explosion of TikTok tsunami: how brands can engage in a meaningful way on platforms that give influencers ultimate power
  • What new streaming habits and reels mean for the way content is consumed
  • How will platforms like Twitch and Clubhouse affect how a new generation of influencers engage with their followers, and what will that mean for their sponsored content?
16:20 Session Break
16:30 Beyond consoles: examining how brands from automotive to fashion are leveraging gaming audiences through influencers 
  • Why working with influencers may be the key to engaging with gaming audiences
  • Examining some of the most creative and unexpected brand and gaming partnerships of 2021
  • Who’s playing the game? Why brands that fail to explore engaging with gamers will be left

Soraya Sobh, Head of Creator and Gaming Talent, Fnatic

16:50 Session Break
17:00 Examining the relationship between brands, influencers and ecommerce  
  • Will these new trends and behaviours change as consumers return to the high street?
  • How can influencers help to address some of the challenges with tracking the consumer journey on social media?
17:30 Chair’s closing remarks

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