Coronavirus Coverage

Simon Richards

COVID-19 Public Inquiry: a challenge and an opportunity for comms

At the risk of making an understatement: there’s been a fair amount of political upheaval over recent years. Take me back to the time when Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich gripped us political types for days…

Crowded airport terminal

Timeline of a Crisis: Delta Air Lines navigates perfect storm of summer travel woes

Operational obstacles amid a boom in flight bookings threw Delta’s service up in the air.

Headshot of Don Spetner

Buckle up: Post-pandemic life is going to get weird

The pandemic has — and will continue — to disrupt our lives, but the human story will persevere as its always done.

Professional person sitting in chair waiting for job interview

The Great Resignation is over in PR

Recession fears and inflation are prompting companies to pump the brakes on hiring, cutting down options for job seekers.


PRWeek UK Global Awards 2022: Campaign of the Year: Issues and Crisis

The winner of the PRWeek UK Global Awards 2022: Campaign of the Year: Issues and Crisis category is #WeAreTogether by Universities UK and Universities UK International.

Brand Film Awards EMEA 2022: winners revealed

The winners at Brand Film Awards EMEA 2022 have been announced – including the prestigious Agency and Production Company of the Year gongs.

Tables with masked people sitting

The Vaccine Project Newsletter: Farewell. May we all fare well.

This week’s Haymarket Media Vaccine Project Newsletter is 2,243 words and will take you seven minutes to read.

President Joe Biden delivers a speech from behind a podium

The Vaccine Project Newsletter: At ease, at last? Not so fast

This week’s Haymarket Media Vaccine Project Newsletter is 2,420 words and will take eight minutes to read.

Headshot of Marjorie McCarthy

Unispace CMO Marjorie McCarthy says the office isn’t dead, it’s more important than ever

McCarthy talks about creating the physical work space to optimize the realities of hybrid work, staff support and inclusion.

LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath

LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath on the hybrid work debate

Gilbreath describes the value of hybrid work and how companies can embrace it for a better future.