10:00 Chair's opening remarks

Danny Rogers, Editor-in-Chief, UK & EMEA, PRWeek

10:10: Pivoting PR: transforming your strategy to stay human in an age of digitalisation

With businesses no longer able to meet in person, strategies have had to evolve digitally to ensure long-term relationships are still fostered and maintained. What role have comms professionals played in supporting this change?

  • Why the fundamentals of effective campaigns haven't changed but the rules around communicating have
  • Does failing to utilise digital  and social channels effectively risk brand disengagement and market alienation?
  • Has short term planning replaced long term planning in the last 18 months?

Claire Gosnell, Global Head of Brand, Communications and Marketing, Clifford Chance

10:30 Session break

10:40 Panel discussion: Do B2B comms professionals and clients actually care about brand purpose?

  • Do current trends suggest  B2B clients and businesses actually care about purpose? 
  • Has ESG taken a backseat in the past 18 months?
  • Why ensuring that your internal comms and practices reflect your brand purpose is the key to authenticity

Lucy Linthwaite, External Communications Leader, IBM
Eden Black, Head of Public Relations and Campaigns, Nationwide
Melanie Derome, Global Social Impact Public Relations, Dell
Charlotte West, Executive Director, Global Corporate Communications, Lenovo

11:10 Session break

11:25 Snackable content: making comms easily digestible.

  • With people being constantly exposed to content, attention spans are decreasing. How do Comms professionals break through the noise?
  • Failing to cultivate channel-appropriate content leads to reduced customer engagement. How do comms professionals tailor content to ensure that it is channel and audience appropriate?

Amy Lawson, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Communications, Sage

11:45 Session break

11:55 Fireside chat: Diversity and inclusion in B2B comms: where are we going wrong?

  • Hollow diversity and inclusion messages do more harm than good for a company's brand and image. How can companies ensure D&I messages are consistent, authentic and internalised?
  • Why focusing on improving diversity on your comms teams will improve demographic reach
  • Should B2B clients be refusing to work with non-diverse teams? What will this mean for the future of the agency/client relationship?
  • How hiring managers are looking beyond the Russell Group to find new talent

Danny Rogers, Editor-in-Chief, UK & EMEA, PRWeek
Raj Pattni, Media Relations Manager, Allen & Overy

12:15 Session break

12:25 Cultivating creativity: why B2B is boring no more

    • How do marketing and comms professionals define creativity within the B2B space??
    • B2B often has an inferiority complex compared to B2C: why is this and how can we combat it??
    • Is creativity a luxury for already established big brands, or can it be achieved on a budget?

Chair: Mark Choueke, Marketing Director, Mention Me
Alexandra Frean, Head of Corporate Affairs, Starling Bank
David Argüello, Head of Marketing, Flor de Caña
Tessa Chen, Director of Communications, Vertex Ventures
Isobel Sita-Lumsden, Head of B2B Marketing, Europe, TikTok

13:05 Networking Lunch

14:05 Afternoon opening remarks

Arvind Hickman, Media Editor, Campaign

14:15 Supercharged B2B: Exploring the four forces shaping and changing our world

  • Why B2B is experiencing a creative and commercial boom
  • The interconnected factors behind it, including economic, technological and health drivers
  • What this means for B2B marketers, and how our work is changing

Billy Hamilton-Stent, Chief Strategy Officer, Octopus Group

14:40 Session break

14:50 Getting to grips with the new generation of B2B marketing: from the robot revolt to revolutionising ABM

  • How can ABM help you achieve better personalisation in a more humanised B2B world?
  • With more of a focus now falling on social selling, how can marketing and sales work together in a more digitalised world?
  • How does this more focused marketing approach affect lead generation quality? Are marketers at risk of minimising campaign reach and reducing brand visibility?

Zoe Hominick, Head of Business Marketing and CEX, O2 Business

15:10 Session break

15:20 RO-Why? Looking beyond measurement and ROI

  • Measurement has always had a prominent place in B2B marketing but should it be taking more of a backseat?
  • Do B2B marketers have an advantage over B2C marketers due to access to first party data?
  • Should marketing professionals be measuring effectiveness or efficiency?
Barnaby Barron, Head of UK Analysis, Cision

15:40 Session break

15:50 Panel discussion: Talent Tinder: Do you need to break-up with your tech?

  • Tech vs talent debate - are marketing teams at risk of neglecting talent in favour of becoming lazy and relying on tech?
  • There is new martech coming to market continuously. How can we filter through the noise to choose the most effective new tech solutions?
  • With increasing digital fatigue, how are brands overcoming this to keep relevance and client engagement high?

Sarah Jenkins, Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
Leor Franks, Business Development & Marketing Director, Kingsley Napley
Nicola Pestell, Director, The Octopus Group
Scott Allen, Global Marketing Development & Strategy Director, Microsoft

16:20 Session break

16:30 Fireside chat: Booming BETAs and the rise of tech-native buyers

  • The B2B workforce is changing as ‘tech-native’ buyers move into more senior positions. Should marketers be changing their strategies to suit this new tech-savvy breed of buyers?
  • How can businesses satisfy both the new and existing generations of buyers simultaneously?
  • Do businesses also need to alter internal culture to cater for ‘BETAs’?

Arvind Hickman, Media Editor, Campaign
Stefan Doering, Brand Strategy Lead, PwC

16:50 Chair’s closing remarks

Arvind Hickman, Media Editor, Campaign

17:00 Close of conference

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