Gideon Fidelzeid

Managing editor, PRWeek US

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  • Tech PR’s tug of war: What’s the story?

    Speeds and feeds. Values and mission. Two very different stories, but the decision on which has more pull on key stakeholders has never been tougher to make for tech brands. The leaders who joined this Allison+Partners-hosted webcast offer valuable perspective.

  • The keys to corporate social advocacy, a podcast sponsored by Coyne PR

    Featuring Kimberly Whitler, Frank M. Sands associate professor of business administration, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and Tim Schramm, EVP, Coyne PR.

  • Powerful stories amid tragedy

    PRWeek’s Gideon Fidelzeid had been in his job as copy editor just six months when 9/11 happened. He was part of a team that pivoted quickly to produce a magazine that represented a professional triumph in unprecedented circumstances.

  • The call is out for PRWeek’s Best Places to Work

    For the ninth consecutive year, PRWeek welcomes agencies and in-house departments to vie for this much-sought honor.

  • Brand champions: 61 million opportunities and more

    The above number represents the amount of people in the U.S. living with a disability. This eBook, presented by Easterseals, provides equal parts education and inspiration to help brands forge partnerships with this powerful demographic.

  • CommsTech roundtable: The unprecedented importance of information you can trust

    In this three-roundtable series’ finale, industry leaders highlight how the combination of CommsTech and savvy PR pros is a brand’s best defense against the myriad dangers disinformation poses.

  • Nine cases made for CommsTech

    In this series’ second of three roundtables, a nonet of industry leaders highlighted myriad tactical possibilities technology has either availed or amplified for them – and can for you.

  • It will take an innovative spirit to boost DEI in tech

    A session at PRWeek’s Racial Equity Summit shines light on the necessary steps to make progress on diversity and inclusion in the sector.

  • CommsTech: Unlocking PR’s potential

    Top industry minds recently convened to discuss how technology is holistically changing the way the discipline is practiced and perceived.

  • PRWeek needs your input to help tell the industry’s salary story

    This year's comprehensive annual study includes questions about COVID-19's impact on compensation and all workplace matters.

  • Comms measurement: Adding context to the conversation

    As PR evolves, so must the way it is measured. New perspectives abound as industry leaders share their expertise on this Meltwater-hosted webcast.

  • Purpose is on the ballot, too

    The many ways 2020 and this election cycle affects corporate purpose was the focus of this PRDecoded session with Precision’s Stephanie Cutter and CNBC’s Eamon Javers.

  • Purpose and vision: a powerful mix

    Bringing purpose from idea to actuality took center stage as EY shared its playbook at this PRDecoded session.

  • PR pros, journalists find strength in the struggle

    The pressure on both sides can be the key to improving relationships, say comms and media pros at PRDecoded.

  • Time to talk shop: the present and future of retail

    PRWeek event next Tuesday, September 15, focuses on comms’ key role in boosting the economy’s key sector

  • Purpose and your people: A powerful combination

    Organizations are increasingly realizing the need to infuse purpose into all aspects of employee engagement. Tactics and inspiration toward that goal abounded during a recent WE-hosted virtual event.

  • The call is out for PR’s best places to work

    For the eighth consecutive – but singularly most unique – year, PRWeek welcomes agencies and in-house departments to vie for this coveted honor.

  • Coffee Break with PayPal’s Amanda Coffee

    The online payment company’s senior global comms manager moved to NYC just before COVID-19 forced lockdown measures. This eponymous episode chronicles her unique indoctrination to Big Apple living.

  • Brandstormers: Featuring Bacardi's Lisa Jedan

    In the first installment of this podcast series, brought to you by WE, hear the inside scoop from today’s brand movers and shakers.

  • Hungry for the right message

    Consumers care about sustainability - and will support brands that do. The unique challenges and opportunities in telling that story were discussed by the food and beverage sector leaders who convened for this Allison+Partners-hosted roundtable.