Steve Barrett

Editor-in-chief, PRWeek US

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  • No advertiser owes a media platform their money

    Elon Musk’s robust message to advertisers this week betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the commercial media dynamic.

  • Health equity takes center stage on this year’s Health Influencer list

    PRWeek’s annual Health Issue moves past COVID-19 and hits on other crucial topics in the sector.

  • What PR can learn from the ad industry

    PR agencies should mirror the presentation skills of creative firms when selling their work but remember that most effective modern activations revolve around earned media — whoever produces them.

  • Bad Bunny signals the way for Hispanic comms

    Bilingual ads, Spanish language on packaging and diverse creative teams are the hallmark of modern omni-cultural marketing.

  • The bright future of PR

    Reflecting on the history of PRWeek's 40 Under 40 — and anticipating what's ahead for this year's class of honorees.

  • Words matter more than ever

    The horrific events of the past few weeks in Israel and Gaza have left many people struggling to find the right words to respond.

  • 8 top takeaways from PRDecoded

    PR pros gathered in Chicago last week for PRWeek’s best and most diverse PRDecoded conference so far.

  • 5 reasons to join PRWeek in Chicago for PRDecoded

    A stellar cast of speakers and delegates will dig deep into purposeful communication, the future of the PR profession, DE&I, the impact and opportunity presented by AI, and much more.

  • A critical friend to the PR industry

    As the great and good of global PR, politics, nonprofits and business gathered in NYC this week it was a wonderful chance to celebrate PRWeek’s silver anniversary in the U.S. and contemplate another 25 years.

  • PR's forefathers: Succession

    PRWeek catches up with the successors to PR’s forefathers to discuss their memories of an iconic lunch in 2008 and the contribution these pioneers made to an industry that is now at the center of business and social change.

  • As a champion of PR, PRWeek put comms on the map

    Editorial director Steve Barrett reflects on PRWeek's original mission statement from 1998 — and on how the industry has evolved today.

  • PRWeek 25th Anniversary Family Trees: 40 Under 40 alumni

    The people who have been recognized on the annual PRWeek list are a who’s who in the comms industry, and these are 40 of the most exceptional names to have made the list.

  • PRWeek US 25th Anniversary Family Trees: PRWeek staffers

    We take a look back at all the people who shaped the brand over our first quarter century.

  • PRWeek US 25th Anniversary Family Trees: GE

    As one of the world’s most respected companies, GE has seen many comms giants walk through its doors. Here are 50 of the biggest names.

  • CCOs are growing in importance and upping their pay

    A recent report shows compensation, team size and responsibility are on the rise in the CCO’s office — but ethnic and gender diversity are still lagging.

  • Sports marketers take to the field

    As the nation gets set for another season of its most engaging and popular sport, many layers of the marcomms community will be helping with activations or standing by to respond to real-time action and events.

  • AI hype is done: Time to embrace reality

    The (human) chat about generative AI has migrated from intensive promotion and exaggeration to the genuine opportunities and threats this revolutionary technology enables — but PR pros have yet to fully get their arms around it.

  • Summer of women contains a few clouds

    There is no room for complacency in the process of ensuring women are treated equally in society and business.

  • 25th celebrations spearhead big few months ahead for PRWeek

    Get set for a silver anniversary party in NYC, PRDecoded and Purpose Awards in Chicago, followed by 40 Under 40 and the Hall of Fame, capped off by the 25th PRWeek Awards in March 2024.

  • Don’t forget that PR is meant to be fun

    Running summer experiential activations in locations across the country is the day-to-day reality for many PR pros – and there’s nothing wrong with that.