Steve Barrett

Editor-in-chief, PRWeek US

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  • Ye olde corntroversy is a complex brew

    Social media spats such as the Bud Light corn syrup affair dominate Twitter for a few days, but do consumers really pay attention and do they benefit the brands involved?

  • Football is a temperature gauge for America

    As an expectant nation prepares for a classic Super Bowl match-up on Sunday, the defining narrative has returned to the iconic battles playing out on the field rather than side issues such as race relations and concussion.

  • Despite the skeptics, Davos is all business

    Steve Barrett reports from the small ski resort in Switzerland that becomes the focal point of global politicians, businesspeople, and nonprofits for one week in January every year.

  • Gillette debate cuts two ways

    A new ad from the iconic razor brand has set the internet on fire with debates around Gillette's new The Best Men Can Be positioning - this and other recent developments prove gender politics post #MeToo still have a long way to go.

  • Ogilvy's John Seifert dishes on the future of PR at Ogilvy

    As global PR leader Stuart Smith heads for new pastures, the WPP firm's worldwide CEO tells PRWeek what's next.

  • Stuart Smith to depart Ogilvy for in-house CMO role

    Smith is exiting the WPP firm after nine years, four of them leading the agency's global PR function, for a health-foods company.

  • Q&A: MSL's new U.S. CEO Diana Littman outlines her plans for 2019

    Littman embarked on her new role at the Publicis Groupe firm having transitioned from Marina Maher Communications at the end of last year.

  • 9 things to know about 2019

    PR doesn't exist in a vacuum and there are numerous tectonic shifts in the business and political landscape that shape the environment within which communicators operate.

  • The road ahead in 2019

    A long read for the holidays reflecting on developments in PR, politics, and business in 2018 and analyzing the implications and trends set to define next year.

  • Truth well told is excellent mantra for future

    The inspiration on show at PRWeek events this week shows there's more that binds us together than divides us in an environment where a truth well told is an appropriate guiding principle.

  • Keep calm and communicate on

    High-profile developments such as GM's business transformation announcement on Monday call for strong and considered reactions from all concerned - especially the communications department.

  • What the !#@% is PR?

    PR firms are going to market in an increasingly diverse number of ways, with some doubling down on the term PR while others tout their wider marketing credentials - the truth is there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Remember Jamal Khashoggi by fighting for a free press

    The brutal murder and dismemberment of The Washington Post columnist and U.S. resident in a place that was supposed to be a safe haven is a somber reminder that we can't take universal freedoms for granted.

  • The death of horizontality

    WPP this week retired its Health & Wellness operating brand and will move the constituent parts into group agencies in the first half of 2019.

  • How Levi's weighed in on gun violence

    Levi's SVP & CCO Kelly McGinnis and Everytown's public affairs director Stacey Radnor explain how they teamed up on a very sensitive issue.

  • Sector has seat at table as PRWeek U.S. turns 20

    After two decades of existence in the U.S., PRWeek is pleased to report that the communications profession has earned its share of influence with CEOs and C-suite executives.

  • Four brand films, four diverse stories and outcomes

    Advertising Week proved a relevant opportunity to take the temperature of brand filmmaking and be inspired by great proponents of their craft.

  • H+K separates from SJR in global restructure

    Alex Jutkowitz will no longer run Hill+Knowlton in the U.S.; Lars Erik Grønntun and Richard Millar become global presidents.

  • Diverse teams produce better work

    Research shows diverse groups of workers come up with better ideas - and that adage is proved by the inspirational work and leaders honored at the eighth iteration of PRWeek's high-profile diversity initiative.

  • Don't ask permission, just do it

    White House political veteran Jennifer Palmieri this week passed on advice that all communicators can learn from at USC's Lead On! Women in Communication Leadership Forum.