Ruth Wyatt

Brand editor, UK

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  • The fight for the soul of PR

    Is PR a force for good or simply a means to an end, whether that end is selling an idea or a product?

  • The PR Census 2013

    Revenue and productivity are up, confidence is high, but there are still serious issues to be tackled including diversity and junior pay levels.

  • John Sauven: The understated face of Greenpeace

    The Greenpeace UK executive director is not the type to rage at the world but he is determined to change behaviour through the power of argument, finds Ruth Wyatt.

  • LightBrigade PR lands Domino's Pizza press office work

    LightBrigade PR has just begun work as the first central press office for Domino's Pizza following a two-way pitch.

  • News analysis: Why PR isn't sharing in the advertising recovery

    Heads were scratched yesterday after PR's poor showing in a very positive IPA Bellwether Report. Explanations from the industry's heavyweights range from the optimistic to the dismissive.

  • Your profession needs you

    Some 1,200 PR professionals have already filled in the PRWeek/PRCA Census 2013, which is a wonderful start. But we need more.

  • Sir Martin Sorrell: "PR should be very confident about its future"

    The chief executive of WPP, the world's second largest marketing services group, has a brain the size of a planet and almost as much energy as the national grid. His temper isn't tiny either ... as Ruth Wyatt discovers.

  • The due date is near for PRWeek's rebirth

    We are pregnant with possibilities. Not the royal we. Not the Thatcheresque 'we are a grandmother'. We, PRWeek, the voice of our profession.

  • When the PR agency becomes the story...

    The editor's leader is designed as a platform to express opinion - and I will in a moment - but first I want to ask yours.

  • Ugly comms blights the beautiful game

    It's hard to stay neutral about the beautiful game. Football fires the blood, although not last weekend's Charity Shield match, to which Wigan Athletic turned up, but didn't play.

  • Lads' mags should get abreast of popular opinion

    There are far too many tits in publishing.

  • An honest approach led to Murray magic

    Would Andy Murray still have become a national hero had he maintained his grumpy Scots git persona post-Wimbledon win?

  • You've got to fight for your right to partake

    Writing up the round table discussion that took place post-awards in Cannes was as inspiring as it was frustrating. It brought back into sharp focus the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • The formation of the Cannes Plan

    After an ad agency won the Cannes PR Lions Grand Prix for the fifth year running, PRWeek invited industry leaders to debate how PR can improve its performance. Ruth Wyatt reports.

  • Young Lions calibre bodes well for future

    Watching presentations from the Young Lions Marketers Competition, it was hard not to be moved.

  • Ruth Wyatt on the Top 150 2013

    So here it is - PRWeek's Top 150 PR Consultancies report, the most authoritative analysis of the British PR and comms industry.

  • AMEC Conference - A more measured approach to PR

    Effective measurement starts with identifying goals and reasons to achieve them. It might sound easy but the reality is a lot more complicated, as Ruth Wyatt discovered at AMEC's latest summit.

  • Let's just bloody well get on with it now

    Oh for goodness sake, stop moaning and man up. PRWeek just hosted a round table in a penthouse looking out over the bay of Cannes and the overwhelming sentiment of the assembled guests was that we need to be louder and prouder of what we do.

  • Ad agency McCann Melbourne scoops Cannes PR Lions Grand Prix

    Advertising agencies once again dominated the Cannes PR Lions, which were presented on Monday night, with an ad agency scooping the Grand Prix for the fifth year running.

  • Parliament's power players hide in shadows

    The devil is in the detail. And for an organ such as PRWeek detail matters. It's really not that hard to goad a public figure into extravagant boasting, whether it's Tulisa 'of course I can score you some coke' Contostavlos or Tim 'told him what to say to the committee ho ho' Yeo.