THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION - What would be your dream job?

This week’s salary survey reveals that many PR folk harbour secret career ambitions

This week’s salary survey reveals that many PR folk harbour

secret career ambitions

Ken Deeks, Arrow Public Relations

’I would love to be a critically-acclaimed author. I am a huge

fan of Ishiguro and to be able to write such compelling narrative

must be an immensely rewarding vocation. That, or a


Julien Speed, The Public Relations Business

’Of course it’s the one I already have. However, my second choice

would be head of propaganda for the Conservatives because their

Ministers and backbenchers are so gaffe-prone that anything I did

to improve the party’s image would therefore be triumphal in the

newspapers, just like Neville Chamberlain’s piece of paper. After

that, having failed to run the country, I’d probably opt for

runing a country pub.’

Tim Sheppard, Communications Partnership

’Editor of the Evening Standard’s Londoner’s Diary. I’m a

journalist at heart and love working in London. I could be at the

heart of everything: politics, art, food, fashion and gossip. A

number of the people who have edited it such as Max Hastings,

Michael Foot and Richard Addis have ended up doing great and

glorious things.’

Hilary Meacham, Focus Public Relations

’To run a polo enstancia (farm estate) in Argentina because then

I could indulge my passions for horses and South America.’

Nicky Eaton, Conde Nast

’Running a flower shop, which I have wanted to do ever since

watching that sitcom Solo which starred Felicity Kendal as a

flower shop owner. Flower shops are normally associated with

happy occasions so I would be involved in making someone happy

The only bad point would be getting up early in the morning to go

to the flower market.’

Tarquin Henderson, Logica

’Eric Clapton’s guitar tuner so that I could be closer to ’God’.

Failing that, I would like to run my own small country house


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