From Feedback - Who has gained from TV leaders' debates?

- Nick Clegg failed to seize the initiative

As expected, Brown and Cameron trained their guns on Clegg last night and while he did pretty well he has inevitably lost a bit of the sheen - but then he had most to lose ('Nick Clegg retains popularity after second televised leaders' debate',, 23 April).

He should have dealt more directly with the sleaze question and I think he missed an opportunity to say directly that a left or right of centre coalition could actually deliver consensus politics - which is not something to be afraid of ...

It's reached a fascinating point where there really is everything to play for.

Expect the Tory media to chuck more manure at Clegg - but they are speaking mostly to the converted anyway. TV is where this one will be played out for the floating voters.

Tony Watts

- Brown should learn from Clegg's PR machine

'If it is all about style and PR, count me out.' I know Gordon Brown wants to position himself as the solid and reliable one - no bullshit etc. But it's a strange thing to say given the huge increase in support for Clegg is almost entirely based on his performance in last week's debate.

Irrespective of policy, Clegg is simply a far more accomplished TV performer than the other two. Cameron looks like he has stepped off a Kraftwerk video and Brown just looks awkward. Clegg is polished, shows no signs of nerves and comes across the better for it.

Paul Allen

- TV is still ahead of digital in terms of influence

This election shows that despite all the hype about digital, TV still rules politics in the UK.

Ben Caspersz.

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