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Paul Armstrong, 27 April

Here's an open invitation to the three major parties. Let's talk openly/honestly about your digital strategies ...

Between all three major parties I have now had the privilege of recycling over 120 bits of tree I would have rather not looked at had I been asked, spanked through my letter box between myself and my roommate, and not one did either of us ask for ...

Is this the best you can do? Not one piece remotely interesting, intriguing, on target ...


Simon Redfern, 21 April

There are so many questions around the Lib Dem poll surge - questions I can only begin to consider in a locked room with no Twitter feed where I don't have to look at comments from Liberals about how the 'glass ceiling has been broken'. It looks like David Cameron's decision to acquiesce to a leaders' debate could prove of those pivotal moments in politics. The outcome undermines the 'Vote for Change' strapline the Tories are using ...


Ged Carroll, 26 April

I read with a sense of growing fascination about the battle between Samsung and Korean author Kim Yong-chul. The battle surrounds a book called Think Samsung. Allegations include misappropriation of assets, bribery of politicians, civil servants, judges and an ineffective state prosecution. The Korean media haven't reviewed the book, have ignored it as a news story ... So the sales have been driven through bloggers ...

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