Editor's desk: Menshealth.co.uk

Who uses menshealth.co.uk?


Principally 18- to 44-year-old men, though some women use the website and are active on our forum. What they all have in common is that they come to MH seeking expert advice in tough times.


How does the site fit in with the magazine and the overall Men's Health brand?

We extend online the content formula that has made the magazine one of the publishing success stories of the last 10 years. More 50% of Menshealth.co.uk is web-only content, making us not just brand extension, but a unique option.


What makes an ideal feature for the site?

Our articles, from style updates and tailored workouts to balanced nutrition, need to scream usefulness and benefit to the reader - we want to do the hard work for them and offer the best advice so they can just get on with the job and succeed.


How should PRO's target the site?

Via email, ideally, and if we contact them that means we are interested. Sometimes we can't reply straight away, but if we're interested we'll definitely file the release and come back to you.


What are your PR pet peeves?

Being called "Mr Newman"; when a PR contacts me thinking I am the web editor of another men's fitness or lifestyle website; when they haven't researched where their product could fit into our website - and end up suggesting a section that doesn't actually exist!


Who makes an ideal celebrity to feature on the site and why?

Ordinary people who have shown extraordinary dedication and perseverance to achieve their goals are as much celebrities in MH's eyes as professionals. These men are championed in our new "MH Men" section, alongside celebrities such as Chris Hoy.


How do you encourage interaction with users of the site?

We like to address our readers' needs instantly - that's why we are doubling the number of interactive tools this Spring, adding Recipe Generator and Style Advisor to established favourites such as Workout Generator. We also host regular web chats with PTs and nutritionists, so readers can get immediate answers to their concerns. We have 172,907 forum members and up to 1,000 readers online at any time who help each other out, too.


What are your own media must-haves

I cycle to work so don't read the morning papers, but The Week magazine and BBC iPlayer help me to catch up with what's being going on. I also love the SkySports iPhone app because it gives me the latest scores and running text commentary. Essential watercooler fodder in an office full of blokes! Out of the office, the Runkeeper iPhone app maps my runs using Google maps, records my pace and the calories I've burnt. It uploads the data to my profile on runkeeper.com where I can chat to other runners - really handy. And to relax, I'm working my way through 6 Music's back catalogue of Adam and Joe's podcasts - thoroughly addictive nonsense.


Unique  users: 897,120

Contact email: webeditor@menshealth.co.uk


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