From Feedback - Are time sheets needed or just meaningless?

- Ideas have more value than time sheets

Time sheets are utter tosh ('Agency boss divides industry after branding time sheets "meaningless"',, 13 April). I had a weekly time sheet meeting in one agency that was gruesome and pretty meaningless ... Placing value on ideas is surely paramount otherwise we're heading to e-tender-land?

Martin Ballantine

- Judge us on our results, not on our time-keeping

I agree with Graham's points. As an agency we pride ourselves on the results we deliver and for the vast majority of our clients that's how we are judged. I can't think of an occasion where I have gone into a client meeting and presented a breakdown of the time we have spent working for them. Results are what sets an agency apart from its competitors.

James Hickman

- Making figures up is just poor management

It's simply not that black and white. Ideas can take minutes to develop and be worth millions. That's why we often charge to pitch and for proposals. If a client is buying a certain amount of consultancy time each month then it's right to let them see time sheets. If staff make the figures up that's just poor management.

Daniel Doherty

- Time sheets are the only system we have

Time sheets are, unfortunately, a necessary evil. There has to be some system for managing staff and charging clients and until someone comes up with something better, they're here to stay. I feel there's a bigger issue at stake, however - time sheets and time monitoring cause an over-emphasis on speed.

Paul Sutton.

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