Tara Hamilton-Miller: Prepare for a dirty and personal fight

After a collective slow hand clap, and with the crowd yawning 'get on with it', he finally called the election. In typical Gordon style, there were no surprises.

Tara Hamilton-Miller
Tara Hamilton-Miller

Even though a large percentage of the country is exhausted already, at least we have a proper fight to look forward to. We are often reminded that this election will be different, and it is, not just because of the internet, expenses or the television debates, but because socially the country has changed since this government's first term in 1997.

It is going to get dirty and personal. Watching Gordon Brown and David Cameron over the next few weeks will be of interest even to those who find politics a massive turn-off.

The polls are to be avoided. Every day, a Labour friend of mine emails me a triumph result for which he has scoured the internet. If you want to be reassured that either party will win, it is possible to find a pie chart to prove it, so it is probably best to leave them alone for proper geeks to fret over.

Cameron kicked off with a speech targeting the Great Ignored - the tax-paying, law-abiding voters - touring gladiator-style into Labour heartlands where the Tories need to win the marginal seats.

You will see a lot more of this kamikaze approach. Cameron will be placed in situations where the utmost can go wrong, just to prove his fearless leadership skills. The Prime Minister, on the other hand, will avoid any emotional or public confrontation at all costs.

One last plea. Can we please stop treating Liberal Democrat Vince Cable like some sort of national treasure? It was excruciating watching Krishnan Guru-Murthy giving him the care home treatment during the Channel 4 Chancellors' debate.

This is an election, after all - don't go all British on me and vote for the ironic one, just because Cable's floury face will look good on an unwashed T-shirt down the uni bar. That happened in Pop Idol 2003 when everyone voted for the fat girl and look what happened to her ... You have been warned.

- Tara Hamilton-Miller is a political adviser and formerly worked for the Conservative Party press team.

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