Hit or Miss? - Bob Geldof's 6,000-word rant against More 4 documentary

Bob strikes back: Bob Geldof hit the headlines again last week, after he responded angrily to a documentary about his charitable work.

The activist and singer wrote a 6,000-word letter to the makers of Starsuckers, a polemic against media and celebrity screened on More 4. Geldof's letter, seen by The Guardian, claimed he had used his fame to influence world leaders and mocked anti-poverty demonstrators as 'wankers dressed as clowns'.


It is sad to see that Geldof is becoming better known for his media rants than his charitable work. It's hardly a revelation that he's hugely opinionated, flies off the handle and uses 'blue' language, but it is a surprise that he feels the need to defend himself with a 6,000-word letter, which he was naive enough to ask not to be published. Back in the day, Geldof galvanised a generation to think of others and he had the influence to make a difference. His criticism of the More 4 documentary follows last month's tussle with the BBC. We used to forgive his rants as we thought he was doing the world good. Is there a risk people will stop listening if he rants about himself too much? Geldof is right to defend his point of view, but in attack mode, he sounds like a petulant child.

Defend your reputation, sure, but keep it short and to the point. MISS.

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