Corporate comms dominated French PR, accounting for over 75 per cent of fees

Corporate comms dominated French PR, accounting for over 75 per cent of


According to a survey by the industry body Syntec Conseil, PR fee income

grew by 7.3per cent in France during 1995, with an eight per cent

projected growth for 1996. Syntec President Jacques Marceau points to

industry moves towards internationalisation, modernisation, and

increased professionalism as signs of a new post-recession era for the

French PR industry. ‘In a few years PR will be the leading

communications profession in France, equal in importance to agencies in

England, Germany and America,’ he says.

However, many operators are wary of being too optimistic. Syntec’s own

survey points to an underlying growth of the project-based PR, replacing

the kind of retainer relationships more common in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Only half of French agencies expected to recruit during the remainder of


Corporate communications (internal and external) continues to dominate

French PR, accounting for over three-quarters of agency fees, while

financial PR, crisis management, and lobbying together account for

another 15 per cent. A majority of business is generated by clients in

the industrial and food and agriculture sectors, which together with the

business services and public buildings and works sectors, account for 70

per cent of total PR income.

While international owned groups look to France as an area of untapped

potential, domestic agencies are also increasingly active on the

international market.

‘There is a growing international conscience of French- based

international companies,’ says Jean-Pierre Beaudoin of Information et

Enterprise, which netted the account for France Telecom’s international

programs. Beaudoin believes that growth may follow, if French companies

become as loyal to their home-bred PR industry as UK and US firms are.

Hill and Knowlton ACTIS chairman Alain Delesques says: ‘French companies

are becoming more mature in their attitude towards PR. Since the

recession they have come to understand that PR is less expensive and

perhaps more qualitative than advertising.’

Advertising has occupied an unusually senior status in France, but one

which was materially altered by the 1993 Loi Sapin, which cut

advertising margins in several ways. This change has increased interest

in PR within ad agencies.

At the same time the industry, traditionally dominated by boutiques, is

developing strong specialisms within a generalist framework. Hill and

Knowlton ACTIS has recently launched a new investor relations venture,

encroaching onto an area traditionally handled by the banks.

Beaux Fixe has also been trying to break out of the traditional French

PR mold, with a crisis communications subsidiary, TVB, formed in mid-

1994 - the company having concluded that Beaux Fixe or ‘Everything’s OK’

was not an appropriate name for a crisis specialist!


Euro Consultancies: France


Rank Company                       Fee income (pounds)    Location

                                     95           94

 1   Euro RSCG                   32,463,000   29,056,000    Paris

 2   Francom                      4,373,294    2,070,000    Paris

 3   Information et Entreprise    4,141,377    4,996,157    Paris

 4   Burson Marsteller France     4,061,000    2,347,000    Paris

 5   Moreau Lascombe GCI          2,406,000    2,309,700    Paris

 6   Adocom                       2,252,909    1,445,000    Paris

 7   Strateus                     2,250,000            *    Paris

 8   Hill & Knowlton ACTIS        2,219,000    2,466,000    Paris

 9   Edelman-Rouet                1,946,839    1,135,000    Paris

10   Beau Fixe                    1,700,000    1,653,000    Paris

11   RSL/MS&L                     1,548,380    2,828,000    Paris

12   Fleishman-Hillard            1,023,510      816,341    Paris

13   Key Communications           1,000,000            *    Paris

14   Shandwick France               933,000            *    Paris

15   Essentiel/Via Nova             920,000      850,000    Paris

16    Ketchum                       865,000      925,000    Paris

17    Agence SRRP                   800,000      746,000    Paris

18    Rowland Company               749,367      717,198    Paris

19    AKKA                          724,000      645,000    Paris

20    Transfert Conseil             662,620      596,538    Paris

21    Mediatique France             651,038      692,704    Paris

22    Mathieu Thomas/Herald         633,211      522,669    Paris

23    Text 100                      602,000      393,000    Paris

24    Hot Line                      600,000      547,032    Paris

25    Grayling Paris                597,000      469,000    Paris

26    Good Deal                     560,000      475,000    Paris

27    Aromates                      545,000      520,000    Boulogne

28    Informations Publqs Trimedia  380,000            *    Paris

29    Nicole Schilling              378,053      349,144    St-Nazaire

30    Mynecom                       346,429      268,750    Paris



Euro Consultancies: France (part two)


Rank Company                           Status

 1   Euro RSCG                         Euro RSCG subsidiary

 2   Francom                           Entente member

 3   Information et Entreprise         Charles Barker IC mbr

 4   Burson Marsteller France          B-M subsidiary

 5   Moreau Lascombe GCI               GCI Europe subsidiary

 6   Adocom                            Independent

 7   Strateus                          Independent

 8   Hill & Knowlton ACTIS             H&K subsidiary

 9   Edelman-Rouet                     Edelman subsidiary

10   Beau Fixe                         Shirehall Intl member

11   RSL/MS&L                          MS&L subsidiary

12   Fleishman-Hillard                 F-H subsidiary

13   Key Communications                Trimedia/Key Cms mbr

14   Shandwick France                  Shandwick Int member

15   Essentiel/Via Nova                Pinnacle member

16   Ketchum                           Ketchum subsidiary

17   Agence SRRP                       Euro Plus member

18   Rowland Company                   Rowland Subsidiary

19   AKKA                              Comms Intl member

20   Transfert Conseil                 Independent

21   Mediatique France                 Sanchis & Asocs afflt

22   Mathieu Thomas/Herald             MT subsidiary

23   Text 100                          Text 100 subsidiary

24   Hot Line                          Globalink member

25   Grayling Paris                    Grayling subsidiary

26   Good Deal                         Independent

27   Aromates                          Pinnacle member

28   Informations Publqs Trimedia      Trimedia subsidiary

29   Nicole Schilling                  Independent

30   Mynecom                           MS&L member


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