Expanding markets and specialist client conflict has boosted multiple agency membership 1995 was the year of the specialist in Europe. As pan-European implementation becomes standard practice the market has become increasingly fragmented into co-ordinated international practice groups.

Expanding markets and specialist client conflict has boosted multiple

agency membership

1995 was the year of the specialist in Europe. As pan-European

implementation becomes standard practice the market has become

increasingly fragmented into co-ordinated international practice groups.

Having established itself as a European Economic Interest Group early in

1995, Pinnacle Europe has set about building its specialist practice

areas across Europe. Public affairs activity received a significant

boost with the addition of German agency wbpr, Spanish outfit Plaza de

las Cortes and the UK’s Grandfield to the Pinnacle stable. In France,

hi-tech specialist Aromates and consumer and business to business agency

Essential Communications hitched itself to the Pinnacle wagon and in

Britain The Ansdell Group and hi-tech specialist Marbles have joined up.

‘We are now looking for extension all over Europe and for reinforcement

in specific markets such as hi-tech, healthcare, tourism, consumer PR

and business to business,’ says Pinnacle Europe vice president Francine


As European markets expand beyond the capabilities of a single agency

and specialists encounter client conflict, there is a greater tendency

towards multiple agency membership in EU countries, taking into account

provincial diversities.

The former Eastern European, the Baltic States and Scandinavia have

become a focus of expansion. In May this year, Edelman Worldwide entered

a collaborative agreement with central and eastern European network GGK

Occidental adding 11 new agencies to Edelman’s existing European

capability. In October 1995 the group also strengthened its presence in

the pivotal German market with the acquisition of network member Heuer &

Partner in Hamburg.

Tari Hibbitt also joined Edelman from Rowland as deputy managing

director in November 1995, bringing with her extensive experience in

handling multi-country networks. In April this year Paolo Bedogni, a

medical doctor and former journalist, joined Edelman as medical director

Europe; Xavier de Lacroix, ex-B-M head in Paris, who joined Edelman in

August last year, is spearheading the development of pan-European crisis

and issues management; and earlier this month, the group appointed

Constance Kann to head up its Belgian operation and to manage the

Edelman’s public affairs on a European wide basis.

In some cases European networks are becoming victims of their own

success. With many of the best performers already snapped up, networks

are having to find new ways to grow. Worldcom Europe is currently in

talks with another league table network having exhausted other avenues

for growth.

Worldcom Europe dramatically increased fee income from pounds 13.7

million in 1994 to pounds 22.4 million in 1995 with the addition of two

new partners. Finnish agency Wasala Communication and Paris-based Hintzy

Heymann, joined the network in September 1995. According to Worldcom

Europe chairman Hubert Wisse, around 50 per cent of the network’s growth

can be attributed to the addition of the Paris-based agency, but, in

order to continue this growth, Wisse says the network will have to look

at a merger. At the same time he says the group is also considering

strategic alliances with advertising agencies, accountancy and

management consultancy practices underlining the European-wide tendency

towards integrated marketing and strategic consultancy.

Charles Barker is also looking to expand its Eastern European activity.

At the beginning of the year the network signed up Hungarian agency

Investcord and is currently talking to a Finnish agency about a

potential alliance. Among its existing partnerships, the French market

was particularly strong with a good performance from Information et

Enterprise. However, the group’s major focus for 1996 is on forging

stronger links with North America and Asia Pacific with obvious benefits

for its network members in Europe.

Hi-tech network Globalink has also set its sights on developing links in

the US in a bid to boost its client base in Europe. ‘About 80 per cent

of our client base is North American owned and about 50 per cent of our

leads are to develop pan-European work,’ says Globalink director Crispin


He is now primarily concerned with tightening up Globalink’s network

operations to create a common methodology, a task that will require

considerable investment in time and resources. ‘Globalink is a very

tight network in that it is progressively moving towards common IT

systems, shared business level knowledge, training programmes and

marketing programmes,’ says Manners. ‘Networks are not for the

fainthearted or under capitalised.’


Euro Consultancies: Networks (part one)


Rank  Company                         Fee income (pounds )    % Change

                                        95            94

 1    Entente International Comms   25,624,000    19,716,000      30

 2    Worldcom                      22,376,492    13,665,948      64

 3    Charles Barker International  19,283,770    18,216,127       6

 4    PROI Limited                  14,505,000    11,500,000      26

 5    Ludgate                       12,697,032    10,857,006      17

 6    Edelman PR Worldwide          11,957,420     8,599,025      39

 7    Pinnacle                      10,978,063     7,921,500      39

 8    Euro Plus                      8,932,947     6,647,466      34

 9    Shire Hall International       8,270,000     5,434,000      52

10    Iprex                          6,740,000     6,968,636    (-3)

11    ECCO                           6,694,000     6,660,000       1

12    European Communication         6,412,931     6,439,904   -0.42


13    Globalink                      6,174,928     5,414,137      14

14    Euro PR                        3,226,231     3,075,050       5

* figures not available



Euro Consultancies: Networks (part two)


Rank Company                        Staff   Clients   Location

                                      95        95

 1   Entente International Comms     350       364    Brussels

 2   Worldcom                        350         *    Arnhem

 3   Charles Barker International    268       582    London

 4   PROI Limited                    266       325    Chicago

 5   Ludgate                           *         *    London

 6   Edelman PR Worldwide            179       243    Chicago

 7   Pinnacle                        850         *    Brussels

 8   Euro Plus                       167       181    Berks

 9   Shire Hall International        130       166    London

10   Iprex                            86       171    Vienna

11   ECCO                            177       333    Brussels

12   European Communication           94         *    Dublin


13   Globalink                       101       136    Camberley,Surrey

14   Euro PR                          47        91    London

* figures not available


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