Hit or Miss? Conservative Party 'goes negative' with M&C Saatchi ad blitz

Getting personal The Conservative Party has made Gordon Brown the focus of its latest campaign, which launched on Sunday.

New posters, designed by M&C Saatchi, appear on 850 sites in England and Wales. They carry Brown's face and a series of hard-hitting slogans that the Tories hope will resonate with voters. But the decision to launch such a personalised attack on the PM is a high-risk strategy.

How I see it


Simple, direct, and vicious - the return of the name Saatchi to the Conservatives' advertising team has no doubt made an immediate impact.

At a glance it also looks like the Tories have learned a thing or two since the infamous airbrushed Cameron spoofing earlier this year. A white background and an easy-to-get-hold-of font provide a simple template for the co-creation to start across social media. However, soon after the launch my Tweetdeck was full of versions spoofed at the Tories' expense.

This is where it becomes really interesting, as parties have to deal with their campaigns being turned against them. Negative adverts have had huge influence on previous elections when they have caught the mood of the electorate. But it has been 31 years since 'Labour isn't working'. Would it have struck the same nerve today, with spoofs circulating within minutes?


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