Flack: PR practitioners flock to wine bar

PR practitioners flocked to the swanky Dover Street Wine Bar last week for an 'exclusive press and PR dinner' with Alastair Campbell.

The event hosted by 72 Point and OnePoll even saw the ex-spin doctor reveal his choice for next Labour leader. Pressed for an answer, he said: 'If Gordon Brown was to fall under a bus tomorrow ...

I would probably be closest to David Miliband.' You heard it here first. Ed Balls will gutted ...

The lucky people at Kinross + Render this week received a cheque for $9m, completely out of the blue. They were told to inform international media that the ruler of Abu Dhabi had failed to make a loan of $2bn to Max Higgins Warner, president of global entertainment group Higgins Warner. A sceptical Sara Render, K+R's CEO, got on the blower to Max and learned that two other agencies had also been approached. 'I asked him if he had sent everyone a cheque, but he did not answer the question,' said Render, who hasn't even bothered trying to cash the dubious-looking cheque ...

The FA press office got a ticking off from journalists this week after it tried to kill off PRWeek's exclusive story by throwing us off the scent - and then sending it out to all and sundry on general release! On Twitter, hacks agreed the FA had scored a big own goal. 'Really rubbish on the FA's part,' said the News of The World reporter Sophy Ridge. 'Bad, bad, bad,' was the verdict from Marketing news editor Andy McCormick. Indeed.

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