THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Should an agency ever hire another firm to do its PR?

Text 100 has taken on Eulogy to handle its public relations

Text 100 has taken on Eulogy to handle its public relations

Mike Copland

A Plus

’It’s the cobbler’s children problem: they always have the worst shoes

We’ve used an external PR consultant for some time. It’s interesting to

see that Text have caught up. Our attention should be doing the PR for

clients. Having someone from outside puts pressure on you to give

self-promotion some priority. I don’t think anybody should be ashamed of


David Fuller

The Red Consultancy

’You have to ask whether this appointment was a good PR move in the

first place, but there is obvious value in the objectivity and honesty

an external PR agency can provide. Anything to improve the perception of

the industry has to be viewed as constructive and we will be looking out

for the results with interest.’

Nick Fitzherbert

Ludgate Communications

’It sounds like a good strategic move, as it enables the introduction of

objectivity, self-criticism and discipline. Just as lawyers and doctors

steer clear of representing or diagnosing themselves, there is a good

case to be made for PR people seeking third-party PR advice. Doctors

make notoriously bad patients, and I suspect there are few PR

consultants who would make really good clients. Ludgate’s PR is handled

by myself, as the one consultant in the company who doesn’t have a

financial or political background.’

Paul Philpotts


’It raises complicated issues about your competence with clients and

prospects. It may be the right thing to appoint an agency but I would

seriously consider not announcing it, and informing clients where it was

right to do so. I wouldn’t want to hide it, but wouldn’t make a song and

dance about it. If the capacity exists in-house at the consultancy it

clearly sends confused messages.’

Carol Hayes

Carol Hayes Associates

’I think it’s extremely difficult to PR yourself - that’s exactly what

clients come to us for. I don’t think it’s an indication that your own

public relations skills are no good. I think it brings another dimension

into your business when you bring in an outsider. You can have tunnel

vision about your own business. They’ve been brave in admitting it and I

think it’s great.’

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