ANALYSIS: BIG QUESTION; Can PR rescue Fergie’s image?

Robert Jobson Daily Express

Robert Jobson Daily Express

‘Public relations could rescue her if she is prepared to listen to the

expertise of an adviser. She’s an honest person but too enthusiastic and

has tried to do her own PR and most of the press coverage has been

negative. I’m sure that an adviser would tell her not to fool around and

take free holidays but to get on with her charity work. She has as many

humanitarian engagements as Diana but doesn’t get the same attention.’

Liz Brewer Consultant

‘I think PR could do a great deal for her in the newer, more visible

social world in the United States. If, however, she decides to remain in

this country, my advice would be: ‘head down and keep a dignified and

deliberately low profile for the next few years’. For someone as

gregarious and spontaneous as Fergie I imagine this would be a difficult

path to follow. Whatever she does from now on will be scrutinised and

more than likely misconstrued. She would be best to spread her wings


Caroline Eversfield Caroline Eversfield PR

‘I do think public relations can re-launch and improve Fergie’s image.

The right hair, make-up and clothes can do wonders. She needs to keep to

a prepared script and not deviate from what she has discussed with her

PR, have public speaking tuition and learn how to show the right angle

in photographs.’

Max Clifford Max Clifford Associates

‘PR can rescue anything if it is good PR and the participant is willing

to totally adhere to the campaign. Like most Royals, Fergie doesn’t

understand the workings of the media. Her image is one of a freeloader.

The first thing is to turn that around. She needs to be discovered doing

things for the benefit of others in a carefully orchestrated campaign

where it will appear as if she has been misinterpreted and the real

person is far more caring, humane and kinder then we were led to

believe. I wouldn’t take on Fergie, she’s too much like hard work and

she probably couldn’t afford me.’

Phil Symes Warren Cowan/Phil Symes Assoc.

‘PR at this stage is an impossible task. The credibility gulf is so wide

and public opinion is so against her now that no matter how much charity

work she does it won’t make a difference. The best thing she can do is

lay low and maintain a dignified silence and don’t go on any splashy

holidays. Having signed a gagging order she can’t do a Diana-type

Panorama trick. Only time will help. Perhaps in a year or so she could

come back into the public limelight.’

The Big Question is edited by Lexie Goddard

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