THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: How do you convince people you are listening?

Last week the Conservatives embarked on a national ’Listening to Britain’ campaign

Last week the Conservatives embarked on a national ’Listening to

Britain’ campaign


Bite Communications

’Actively talking about listening is a very defensive gesture, but if

the goal is to project some humility that is no bad thing. The real

crunch comes when the listening is over and the public wants action

Ultimately, the whole process is only meaningful if the motive is

genuine, and the organisation is willing to act decisively on the

feedback it receives.’


Essex County Council

’Councils dedicate a great amount of time and energy to communicating

with people about their work. The days of just telling and selling are

thankfully past. The best way for them to convince people that they are

’listening authorities’ is by translating consultation into action.

People need tangible proof that their views are being heard; the mantra

should always be: ’ask, listen and act’.’


Propeller Marketing Communications

’Listening is demonstrated by action. The public has to know their views

are being taken on board. This can be done by upgrading a customer

charter or, if a few products are faulty, removing the range. Sometimes

more stock will be removed than is necessary, but such a gesture

attracts attention and underlines that the manufacturer has the customer

at heart.’


HSBC Group

’Midland Bank has a lot to live up to as ’the listening bank’. Listening

means demonstrating you are in touch. Customer research works, providing

you don’t bury what you don’t want to hear. We carry out quarterly

surveys of our 150,000 customers to track trends and provide a better


For big companies, staff are part of the fabric of local life and keep

us alert to their communities by their involvement in local



Media Strategy

’The Conservatives have started well by making a big noise about how

much the party is listening. The challenge will be sustaining national

media interest in the story after its flurry of launch publicity. I’m

not sure the campaign was worth devoting a whole Party Political

Broadcast to but the campaign is sensible politics because the public

still thinks the party is out of touch.’

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