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Jon Tibbs, 22 February

The eyes of the world are on Vancouver as the world's most accomplished performers go into action after months of painstaking practice. I am not, however, talking about Olympic athletes, but the legions of comms specialists battling for the attention of the world's media during the early stages of the main event. Vancouver is awash with organisations trying to make their voices heard above the clamour; everyone, it seems, has a message to sell ...


Neil Flash, 22 February

I read on a number of online outlets (more than 200) that, according to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, homeopathy is a waste of NHS money. Surely, the £4m-plus spent each year on homeopathic remedies, must show that there is a proportion of people deriving significant benefit from these options? ...


Chris West, 16 February

'You and your mates are scum.'

'Sir, he called me scum.' 'No I didn't, I wasn't even there.'

'Prove it.'

'YOU prove it.'

Ah, the dulcet tones of reasoned debate from the home of democracy. With political debate temporarily regressing back to the world of conkers, cabbage patch kids and jumpers for goalposts, one could be fearful for new crime statistics based on wedgie attacks and ink flicking. When the day's debate moves away from health, education and the economy to who called who 'scum' on the internet, there's only one course of action: run far, run fast ...

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