Tara Hamilton-Miller: Call an election to stop the madness

February has been the oddest month, with the stagnant wait for Gordon Brown to have the guts to call an election.

Tara Hamilton-Miller
Tara Hamilton-Miller

It is no wonder that the madness is kicking in. Last week it was Brown's tears; this week it is his tantrums.

Andrew Rawnsley has only revealed what Westminster has been talking about for years. The Prime Minister gets very angry. The second part of the story is interesting. How apt that Labour has been stung by its own creation. Christine Pratt, founder of the National Bullying Helpline, is allegedly a multiple litigant who has previously chased vast sums of money under Labour's 1998 Human Rights Act. New Labour gave Pratt the right to live by the rules of political correctness and compensation.

But ignore the hotline bit. It distracts from the obvious that Brown is a potty mouth.

It is always telling who is available to back Brown during these now weekly disasters. Most of the Cabinet are washing their hair this month and the PM had to depend on Peter Mandelson, John Prescott and a wee note from disgraced Jacqui Smith.

Mandelson has to be enjoying the pantomime. How long has he been storing up the 'taking it like a man' comment? He depicted Brown as 'emotional and demanding'. I'm sure the PM will be thrilled to be described like an irritating menstrual girlfriend.

Now, more than ever, we need a general election to stop the madness. Brown obviously hasn't been himself for years: we haven't noticed, or maybe we did and chose to ignore it. Someone take him away, quietly.

Then, after the election, the Labour Party can start the lengthy process of finding a new leader. The Blairite hope, James Purnell, has thrown in the towel. But we may not have seen the last of him. After he has gone off to do something worthy and life-improving, he could come back. Why shouldn't politics be something you can dip in and out of during a lifetime?

As I type, Ed Balls is on the Today programme talking about the 'birds and the bees', which is as unsettling as it sounds ... like I said, an odd month.

- Tara Hamilton-Miller is a political adviser and formerly worked for the Conservative Party press team.

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