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Invitation to rob

Posted by Drew Benvie

19 February One of the most common question marks over the future of social media I hear is that of privacy. Many people say it is too much an invasion of privacy to share personal information online. This week, the privacy topic took a twist with the launch of, the site that collects information about where people are, and therefore where they are not, all from their social stream, and tells robbers where to rob.

Political spoofs

Posted by Will Sturgeon

19 February There are few social faux pas so obvious or so instantly belittling as missing the point at which something becomes no longer fashionable, or when a joke or catchphrase is no longer funny. So it was with interest that web sensation today announced it is calling time on the whole spoof poster thing.

Twitter tirade

Posted by Sherrilynne Starkie

19 February It's been a bad week for the American airline Southwest. Movie director Kevin Smith, also known as Silent Bob, was allegedly kicked off a flight because he's too fat to fly.

He vented his spleen on Twitter and the next thing your know, the airline was in the middle of a major PR crisis, as the story was retweeted among Smith's followers and then made it onto the agenda of most American mainstream media companies.

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