Hit or Miss? Unveiling of Labour Party's general election slogan

On message

After a little help from ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, the Labour Party unveiled its general election slogan on Saturday: 'A future fair for all'. Gordon Brown told party activists in Birmingham that Labour would be 'change makers', while Labour election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander said the party would tap into voters' 'submerged optimism'. But some sections of the press were unimpressed when it emerged that the slogan was seven years old.


- David Bradshaw, Head of writing, Portland

When I was growing up there was a game show on TV - in black and white - called Beat the Clock, in which random words had to be rearranged into 'a well-known phrase or saying'. Election slogans follow the same format, except the words always appear to be the same.

But encapsulating a message in just four or five words doesn't give you much scope for poetry. By this yardstick, Labour's slogan works.

The future and fairness are ideas that have always been at the heart of the New Labour project. Underlining that this should be 'for all' is a reworking of the powerful 'many, not the few' sentiment. Both highlight the dividing lines with the Tories.

It may not be new - but then what is in politics? The main thing is that the words are strong and the message is clear. So it's a hit.


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