Futerra's Ed Gillespie backs suggestion climate change experts are losing 'PR battle'

As controversy continues over 'Climategate', a leading environmental PRO has added his voice to concerns that climate change experts are losing the 'PR battle'.

Futerra Sustainability co-founder: Ed Gillespie
Futerra Sustainability co-founder: Ed Gillespie

Nobel peace prize-winning physicist Sir John Houghton stated yesterday that climate change scientists were losing to sceptics with vested interests.

He said there were millions of internet references to a comment he never made that appeared to show him ‘hyping up’ global warming.

Now Futerra Sustainability co-founder Ed Gillespie has agreed with Houghton: ‘Science really has lost the recent battles, but not the war.

‘Denial of compelling science is a very attractive place to be – as it means you don't have to change or do things differently. Resistance to climate change science is largely ideological, not evidence-based, which is why the communications skirmishes by scientists are being lost.’

Gillespie cited the example of US neo-conservatives who ‘derided their democratic rivals for campaigning on truth-based reality whereas they would create their own reality'.

‘This is what is happening now; climate sceptics are creating an alternative reality where the very real danger of climate change is conveniently no longer an issue.’

Forster project manager Vicky Argles added: 'We need to show people what's happening and not bombard them with facts and figures. They need to have a look out their window and see how it's having an impact on them now and be motivated to take action. Instead of talking facts and figures and about ecosystems that don't resonate with everyday lives, we need to make it relevant and personal.'

Thecomments come at a bad time for the climate change movement. A member of the panel set up to investigate claims that climate change scientists covered up flawed data was forced to resign last night, just hours after the inquiry began.

Philip Campbell stood down after it was revealed that he had defended the conduct of researchers at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in an interview.

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