Luke Blair: Stop 'hysterical' electioneering

If as we all suspect the election is called on 6 May, we are in London set for perhaps the most interesting polling day in a generation.

Luke Blair: critical of electioneering
Luke Blair: critical of electioneering

Borough elections are already set for that date, so it could mean the first time that both MPs and councillors in London have been put to the vote on the same day in living memory (well, since borough re-organisation in 1963, which is even older than me).

That means turnout could well be double what it normally is for local councillors, which is going to throw up some very strange results indeed. There are a whole host of councils which could switch quite dramatically. Our analysis at this point suggests as many as 14 could change their political complexion.

Minority parties, who could tactically tip the balance in key seats, could spring up all over the place. There is a horribly dark cloud of racism taking shape over North East London as we speak.

So there is a lot to play for and, boy, don’t we know it? On everything from health, to crime, to transport, to education, some of the politics being played out in the London media in particular at the moment is already getting hysterical.

If we were to believe everything the politicians have been claiming in London at the moment, we could be forgiven for thinking that, come 7 May, town halls will simply collapse under the weight of their own debt. Barely a hospital will be left standing, let alone A&E departments, we are told.

Schools will close due to adverse weather to keep costs down. Criminals will saunter around, unchecked. Roads left cratered by the bad weather will open up and swallow whole buses. 

As for social services…well, will it be safe to let our children outdoors at all?

It really is all getting very silly and is bound to get worse. Public sector comms officials will of course eventually shut down under purdah. But I’m not sure which is worse – having to analyse endless political rants for inaccuracy or simply standing by and not being able to do anything about it.

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