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Vodafone scandal

Posted by Jon Silk

5 February Vodafone UK's Twitter account carried an offensive message (complete with poorly placed apostrophe). It's been deleted, but you won't need to search hard to find it. It got retweeted immediately and a storm is brewing.

The company is frantically addressing every complaint via Twitter and I'm sure there are a thousand blog posts and news stories being written about it.

YouTube issues

Posted by Phil Szomszor

4 February I've discovered that YouTube has some issues when it comes to counting the number of views of its videos. Why is this important? Well, when it comes to generating buzz around a campaign, it's useful to know how you're getting on. We started promoting a YouTube video this week, but on a day that it was tweeted by Stephen Fry, generating 6,000 hits to a page with an embedded video in a matter of hours, only 312 views were displayed on YouTube.

Blog comments

Posted by Melanie Seasons

4 February There's a debate going on about whether or not to turn comments off on a blog. I've been thinking about turning comments off on here - at least for posts older than two months. It's not because anyone's being too mean on here, it's because the point of a blog is two-way communication and, with the exception of my newer posts, that is not happening.

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