Flack: Identity of mystery man continues

The identity of social media mystery man Sean376 continues to, er, mystify.

The geeky tweeter with a penchant for winding up digital experts was apparently present at the launch of 'Social Media Week' in London on Monday. When Flack enquired what he would be wearing, he responded 'just a black jacket and nothing else'. Now the poor sap is claiming he is launching his own agency. 'I've just promoted myself to senior vice-president of Sean376 PR agency,' he tweeted. Of course you have, 'Sean' ...

Having a bad day? It can't be worse than that experienced by Hawar Shawki, an intern at PHA, the agency owned by Phil Hall. Shawki inadvertently started a Facebook campaign when he sent out a mass email on 20 January for client James Max - and forgot to BCC. The 'James Max crashed my inbox' group now has 304 members. 'Could this be the most successful PR email in history?' posted Look Magazine showbiz journo Justine Harkness. 'No', responded The Guardian TV critic Stuart O'Connor ...

Prize for the most depressing press release goes to the London School of Islamics, which sent this gem on Monday: 'Britain has a broken society ...

Children are left to rot and they grew (sic) into animals. Binge drinking, drug addiction, a culture of disrespect and antisocial behaviour ...

knife and gun culture are part ... of everyday life'. And you thought David Cameron was depressing when talking about the state of the UK.

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