Opinion: From our Readers - Look at both sides of PR/journalism divide

Like anybody working responsibly in PR, I'm keen for our profession to escape the reputation it has gained ('Industry backs controversial campaign aimed at cutting spam', prweek.com/uk, 29 January).

However, that can't be done in isolation, or by designing new ways to go over the same old ground.

If we want to talk about inconvenient truths, then I'm afraid the PR industry is going to have to break out of its comfort zone and offer a frank and open discussion about the problems with journalism, as well as PR. This is a symbiotic relationship, whether we like it or not. I know from being on the journalist side of the fence that there are some really poor PR people out there, but I also know much of the most vocal criticism around this apparently crumbling relationship is a result of a breakdown in two-way communication and a minority of inconsistent or unreliable journalists - who invite upon themselves a poor working relationship with the PR community and then air their grievances very publicly.

Until we accept and address the issue from both sides, all the initiatives and fancy animations won't make this Bill of Rights anything more than a publicity stunt and this week's bandwagon.

Will Sturgeon, director of strategy and planning, Harvard PR (prweek.com).

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