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Posted by Sherrilynne Starkie

30 January - If you have a social conscience and want to take control of the kind of web advertisements you see, help is at hand. The DoGooder is a browser plug-in that lets people replace push website ads with ones they actually appreciate seeing and find useful. The plug-in is free, takes ten seconds to install, and creates revenues for good causes: the company behind the plug-in gives 50 per cent of its profits to green initiatives, charities, and non-profits. Causes to benefit include everything from environmental campaigns to child poverty to disease eradication.


Posted by Lloyd Gofton

29 January - Following 'iPad' week I decided to look at the differing strategies of the world's two biggest technology competitors to promote their products. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the traditional hero and villain of the computer world ... which is which depends on your viewpoint.


Posted by Todd Defren

28 January - The last post in our Social Media Ethics Series explored ghost-tweeting. Now let's talk about a more widespread issue: ghostblogging. For the uninitiated, ghostblogging is ghostwriting for someone else's blog. It's generally frowned upon. Is it ethical for a PR agency to write an unattributed post for a client's blog? First, we need to define what type of blog we're talking about.

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