Friday Drop: Bad week for Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez

When two tribes go to war, one is all that you can score. Football: The beautiful game to some, the root cause of acrimonious divorce for others.

Tevez: the not-so beautiful game
Tevez: the not-so beautiful game


Whatever your view, it's all pervading. Now here's the history bit behind this week's spat. Manchester has two teams, United and City. Put simply, they loathe each other. The build-up to last week's Carling Cup game was slightly overshadowed by United veteran Gary Neville's comments about a former team mate, Carlos Tevez, now plying his trade with City. Keeping up at the back? With the second leg this week, this public spat was stoked further after Tevez scored in the game and celebrated provocatively at Neville who responded in kind. How edifying.

In an interview on ESPN Argentina Tevez himself added a squirt of aviation fuel to an already incendiary match by calling Neville a ‘chupamedias' and a ‘tarado'. Apparently, in Spanish, a boot licking moron to you and I. Tevez had stoked up more ill feeling between the clubs, causing Greater Manchester Police to call for calm and draft in a significant number of extra officers at the expense of the public purse. The public slanging match has done both clubs no favours in the image stakes and all stemmed from Neville's initial ill-judged slur in his Times of Malta column (seriously). Two genuine own goals.


Control your employees' comments, to the traditional media and online. Ensure the press office is involved with interactions with the media.

As a role model, always be aware that what you say has repercussions

The media is global. Comments made in Buenos Aires will reverberate in Birmingham

Good Week for BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch

In ancient Rome it was said that food and regular games at the coliseum were the opiate of the masses. Fast forward a few years to present day Britain and a similar force is at work and it comes in the shape of box or a dish. BSkyB continues to shine as an all powerful  telecoms and TV provider. CEO Jeremy Darroch has won plaudits for his mature approach to the business following James Murdoch's move up inside the News Corporation's mother ship. Darroch had the delightful task of announcing that his company had enjoyed a 30 per cent rise in half year profits, adding oodles of customers and persuading existing ones to upgrade to High Definition in the process. Is staying in the new going out?

The fine business performance was used as springboard to launch yet another new market changing product on the same morning. Darroch seized the day and announced that BSkyB will be launching a new 3D TV channel showing football in selected pubs up and down the land. Tom Morrod of Screen Digest speaks for us all when he says that he is ‘looking forward to the prospect of football fans drinking pints with silly glasses on.' Yes Tom, mine's a 3D pint.


Using good financial news as a springboard for product announcements can greatly increase media hits

Integrating good business practice and smart communications add to the aura of an organisation



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