Tara Hamilton-Miller: Tories can avoid Obama mistakes

Senator Ted Kennedy, last surviving son of American royalty, is dead for ten minutes and Massachusetts replaces him with a former Cosmo male centre-fold.

Tara Hamilton-Miller
Tara Hamilton-Miller

Senator Scott Brown told the Boston Globe: 'I'm always doing something, whether I'm home watching TV, I'm always maybe licking envelopes or writing notes to people.' I predict we have not heard the last from this handsome envelope-licker.

This result was, no matter how the Democrat press tries to spin it, absolutely shattering for President Obama. This was no half-hearted protest. It was also a sign that Americans have finally emerged from the Kennedy-obsessed fug they have been in for 50 years.

Should the Conservatives triumph in 12 weeks, David Cameron should take note - political honeymoons are getting shorter. Voters are tetchy and irritable, and his time to bask in the warm aftermath of voter adulation will be short. Tony Blair had about three years. Nicolas Sarkozy had about 18 months, but most of that was down to Carla Bruni being nice to our Queen.

Obama, for all his stardust, had just a year. It could have been predicted that a man who was built so high would eventually fall, but not so quickly. The Health Bill is a mess and he dithered too long over Afghanistan.

The Tory leader appears to have acknowledged this trend and has suggested, should he be elected, that he will act fast, promising a lot, very quickly. Within 50 days there will be an emergency budget, corporation tax rates will be cut, he will move house, create a Cabinet, go to Ikea, put the rubbish out ...

Cameron needs to make sure he doesn't paint himself into a corner. He said the country needed to 'get confidence and credit moving again'. You cannot argue with that, but a budget and a strategic defence review in 50 days? Surely there are some areas where it may be wise to delay and get it right?

The Tories have had the benefit of observing the Obama model.

They will have taken on board the pitfalls. The President has shown the fragility of power.

Cameron will probably never admit to 'watching TV and licking Smythsons'.

- Tara Hamilton-Miller is a political adviser and formerly worked for the Conservative Party press team

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