THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Can Lord Archer resurrect his campaign to be Mayor of London? Archer could face the Tory Party ethics and integrity committee if he pursues his campaign

Chris Butler, Grandfield Public Affairs

Chris Butler, Grandfield Public Affairs

’It is feasible that Archer will run for Mayor. He is a talented showman

and an attractive personality, and more than capable of masterminding

his own campaign. If Alan Clark can be elected as an MP and Clinton can

become President then one’s past is not necessarily an impediment to

political office. Whether this is a good thing or not is another


Leslie Smith, Dixons

’The first rule of political campaigning is ’never kick a man when he’s

down’. That’s what’s happened to Jeffrey Archer. The trouble is, once

he’s down everything he’s ever done will be held against him. He is

seriously damaged goods. The question is not so much whether he can

resurrect his campaign but, would anyone want him on their ticket?

Little short of divine intervention can help him now.’

Sara Price, Advertising Association

’Lord Archer has two things going for him: time, and the fact that he is

at present the only high profile potential Tory candidate. But while the

public has become forgiving of politicians’ impropriety in their private

lives, they are rightly less forgiving of perceived dishonesty,

corruption and fraud. His only chance is a clean bill of health from the

ethics committee, and to try to move the campaign from personalities to


Stephen Whitehead, Eli Lilly and Co

’The Mayor will be both a figurehead and influencer of change. The

secret of success will be to persuade borough councils and planned

assemblies to accept new ideas and a common purpose. To do this the

Mayor must have strong public support. Archer has always been a

contentious figure and this latest scandal will undermine his tenuous

popularity further. Without popularity there is no authority, and trust

is key to popularity. Archer has blown it.’

Neal Lawson, Lawson Lucas Mendelsohn

’Archer defies the laws of PR. He should be finished off in everyone’s

eyes but doesn’t seem to know how to leave the public stage. The fact

that he is even mentioned as a contender for Mayor is testament to his

sheer force of personality and will to survive. His resurrection of

course looks impossible, but he has proved us wrong so many times

before. Perhaps salvation lies in Ken Livingstone as his deputy.’

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