THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Is the lad mag dead?

In May, IPC will be launching Later, a magazine aimed at 25- to 40-year-olds

In May, IPC will be launching Later, a magazine aimed at 25- to


Tim Southwell


’Who said it ever existed? I mean, what is a lad anyway? We’ve got women

working at Loaded and not only would it be quite difficult for them to

be lads but also rather impossible. The primary function of Loaded is to

entertain its reader, to celebrate our favourite cultural icons from the

highways and byways of UK culture. To pigeon-hole Loaded as a ’lad mag’

is tosh and or trumpery.’

Sheryl Garratt

The Observer

’If lad magazines are selling 700,000 copies each month then the market

is not dead. I think FHM and Loaded are still doing quite well out of

it. But the quality men’s magazines are now in real trouble because they

went galloping down the tits and arse route and it did not work for

them. There is always a new set of 25-year-olds who want to have a good

time and there is always a new set of 35-year-olds who grow out of going

out and being a lad.’

Tim Lewis

Synapse Communications

’Does sex sell? Assuming the answer is yes, the future of the lad mag,

with its underlying sexual focus, looks pretty good. The ’lad’ tag will

be dropped, and the layout will change but the sex-led content just

won’t go away - take a good look at the more ’mature’ women’s market if

you doubt it. Whoever said that men think of sex every six seconds has a

lot of sales to answer for.’

Chris Ward


’No - but the writers and readers on whom the lad mag success was built

are growing up. For a while, people aged 25-plus moaned that there

wasn’t really a magazine for them, but a year ago we saw the odd

’middle-youth’ feature, then there were several launches aimed at the

more mature woman, and now there’s Later from IPC. Next year more

magazines will be launched for the 25- to 34-year-old man. Current

magazines will just have to evolve for the new generation of 15-plus


Robert Phillips

Jackie Cooper PR

’No I do not think that it is dead but I think the market is moving.

Clearly the lads of the millennium are not the same lads of two or three

years ago. There are still some universal truths - sex, drinking, and

partying - but the tone and approach is changing.’

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