CAMPAIGNS: Whiskas targets feline factor in ad - Integrated Marketing

Ketchum Life has worked on the Whiskas Singles account since March 1998.

Ketchum Life has worked on the Whiskas Singles account since March


These single servings of wet cat food come in an innovative foil package

which keeps the contents fresh and cuts back on waste. The screening of

the first ever commercial for cats provided Ketchum Life with the PR



To create media hype around the advertisement and to drive the

subsequent product trial.


The advert was scheduled for the commercial break during Coronation

Street on 27 January. Rather than adopt a drip-feed approach, which

might have lost momentum over of the course of a week-long campaign,

Ketchum Life decided to concentrate the bulk of public relations

activity on the day the commercial first went on air.

Ketchum Life was kept up to speed on progress by advertising agency M&C

Saatchi while the commercial was being made.

It also worked closely with Michael Jenkins, head of external relations

at Pedigree Masterfoods.

Anticipating the type of questions journalists might ask, Ketchum

consulted Waltham, Pedigree’s pet nutrition research centre. The

advertising agency also used Waltham to find out the kind of colours,

movements and noises cats are known to respond best to. These were then

incorporated into the advertisement.

TV Consultancy produced a VNR which featured footage of cats watching

the ad and an interview with a cat behaviourist. It also included some

old Whiskas commercials in black and white which gave the BBC news

service a way into the story. As a rival of commercial television, the

BBC would have had difficulty covering the new commercial straight. As

it was, it was able to hang the story on a ’whatever next?’ angle.

Ketchum Life also spearheaded a teaser campaign. This involved sending

cat bowls, with ’the most exciting night of your nine lives’ engraved on

them, to cat-loving journalists on the national and regional press.

It also made a list of famous cat lovers in the media available to

journalists, and agency staff even offered their cats for


On the day of screening, a cat behaviourist was booked to carry out

radio interviews. Following the advertisement being screened over five

days, Ketchum Life arranged a nationwide tour for Whiskas Singles. The

two-month roadshow will visit 14 of the UK’s largest shopping centres

and will offer regional press sampling.


The story received widespread coverage, on BBC Breakfast News, Sky News,

and Channel 5 News, and was featured on the ’And finally’ slot on ITV’s

News at Ten.

The Times, Evening Standard and the Independent also picked up on the

story. The Sun even published a telephone number for readers to call to

monitor how well their cats were responding.

Coverage through Reuters and the Press Association also led to a large

amount of international interest. This included attention from Good

Morning America, Canada’s CBC, America’s NBC, France 2 and the Malaysian



Ketchum’s decision to create a media blitz on the day of the screening

paid off. Holding a roadshow after the week-long advertisement run kept

the coverage coming.

’I think they did a fantastic job in light of the fact that there was

really only a tiny idea there,’ said Stefano Hatfield, editor of


’The ad itself was nice, but it was nothing special, really. I’m

somewhat astounded that so many newspapers lapped it up,’ he added.

So what did the cats themselves make of the advertisement? My feline

friend Snodgrass gave the screen a cursory glance before promptly dozing


Client: Pedigree Masterfoods

PR Team: Ketchum Life

Campaign: The first commercial for cats

Timescale: January 1999

Budget: Undisclosed

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