THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Who would be a good ambassador for the UK PR industry?

Head of the Marketing Society Mike Detsiny this week said UK PR needs a champion

Head of the Marketing Society Mike Detsiny this week said UK PR

needs a champion

Rosemary Brook

Brook Wilkinson

’Angela Heylin. She is a consumate professional who has managed to build

a business in Charles Barker with a consistently good reputation.

Her broader interests in public affairs through her work with John

Major’s Charter group would also qualify her for the role. Lord

Chadlington would also be a good choice, despite his problems at the

Royal Opera House.’

Mark Borkowski

Mark Borkowski Press and PR

’I’m not sure that you can have just one person that can represent the

entirety of the many-headed beast that is PR. No one has an overview of

every sector of the business, from financial to celebrity. But if we did

have to have a figurehead perhaps it could be a computer generated

hologram that would have the bluster of Alastair Campbell, the integrity

of Christ and a Houdini-like skill to get out of anything.’

Charles Lewis

Royal British Legion

’Fortunately the industry is not short of consumate professionals.

People like Colin Browne, Philip Dewhurst and Geoffrey Potter (Glaxo

Wellcome) on the client side, and consultants Jasper Archer (Cardew and

Co), Isobel Greenwood (Biss Lancaster) and Keith McDowall (Keith

McDowall Associates).

However, potential good ambassadors tend to hide their light under a

bushell, avoiding self promotion and this is the way it should be.’

Alison Clarke

Shandwick Welbeck

’We shouldn’t be looking for one person to be an ambassador at all.

There has been far too much publicity in the past six months on the

characters in PR - its time we got back to concentrating on what we

really do. We do need representation as an industry but I would argue

that the Institute of Public Relation is in the best position to do


Quentin Bell

QBO founder

’It’s me! Seriously, I mean it. So many people who would fit the bill

are too busy running agencies to be able to devote the time. You need

someone with flair and charisma, but also with a deep understanding of

the business and a vision of how we can move forward. We need to develop

a core understanding of what PR is all about - a public face of the


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