Media Profile: A healthy approach to fitness - Lucy Bulmer, editor, Shine

Lucy Bulmer had a make-up expert come in and ’do’ her before posing for this photograph. A make-up artist? For a magazine editor? She soon reveals all.

Lucy Bulmer had a make-up expert come in and ’do’ her before posing

for this photograph. A make-up artist? For a magazine editor? She soon

reveals all.

’I do this multisport thing where you play a different sport each week,’

she says. ’Last week it was basketball and I got elbowed really hard in

the face by some bloke. He left a huge bruise which I had to cover up or

I look like a beaten wife.’

This is exactly the sort of sporting behaviour you expect from Bulmer as

the editor of Attic Futura’s new health, fitness and lifestyle title

Shine, which launches on 4 March.

Bulmer is into sports, but not obsessively so. ’I go to the gym

sporadically,’ she says sheepishly. ’I don’t go every week. But I think

that’s quite a good thing. It’s the sort of thing we expect the reader

of Shine to do, and we want to make sure they don’t feel too bad about

missing the gym when they do. We’re not one of these obsessive health

and fitness magazines. We’re more lighthearted with a better sense of


Shine, which was known as Project Silver during its incubation period,

is a glossy monthly magazine targeting ABC1 women in the 25- to

34-year-old age group. Bulmer says the core reader will be around 27.

This used to be the age when you dreaded your thirties but now,

according to Bulmer, women begin to come into their own in their late


Attic is hoping that its circulation will settle down at 100,000, which

might seem optimistic in such a competitive market. Bulmer doesn’t think


’Shine is really entering a market that hasn’t existed before,’ she

explains. ’We researched it pretty heavily and found that women didn’t

feel there was a health title that wasn’t preachy. I think we’re

bringing something new.’

She has been very happy with the help she’s received from the PR


Indeed, she is very impressed with the speed of their response once word

of Project Silver spread. ’We were a title they’d never heard of and we

wanted to get all the spring launches from all the fashion and beauty

PROs and they gave us everything we asked for,’ she says. ’Everyone gave

us access to the products and people we needed.’

Bulmer has built a reputation for being cool under pressure. She

travelled and worked in Australia after graduating, and was there as

recently as 1998, editing New Idea, the weekly women’s magazine

published by the Attic Futura stable. She has also worked on weekly

titles like Woman and Chat.

Her old colleague at Woman and current Chat editor Keith Kendricks

remembers an extreme example of her ability to remain cool in a crisis.

On his first week with Bulmer on Woman the two went out for a drink in

Soho and witnessed a murder.

He explains: ’There was a stabbing between two homeless guys. I cradled

the guy in my arms while Lucy got the police, sorted out the crowds and

calmed everything down. I was very impressed with her calm. She’s one

person you can really say is unflappable.’



Deputy editor Prima


Editor, New Idea, Australia


Editor, Shine

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