What The Papers Say: VW faces flak over World War II fund

Volkswagen has regularly been in the spotlight in recent weeks.

Volkswagen has regularly been in the spotlight in recent weeks.

It has launched a new baby Beetle in the US, bought Rolls-Royce in the

UK and been caught eyeing various Italian automotive starlets, including


The latest story is its announcement that it is setting up a

compensation fund for workers during World War II. VW was principally

accused of performing a U-turn from its previous position that the

federal government should accept the claims. The main messages were

carried with equal weight in the UK newspapers and international wire

services, although it was noticeable that German sources referred to

’former slave workers’, whereas the international press identified them

variously as Jews, Poles and Hungarians.

The story took on a political spin when it emerged that Gerhard

Schroder, challenger to Chancellor Kohl in September’s elections, was

putting pressure on VW. The story will re-emerge as most sources made it

clear that VW will only release details of the fund in September.

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