ANALYSIS: BIG QUESTION; Has Quentin Bell done a good job at the PRCA?

Peter Hehir Countrywide Communications

Peter Hehir Countrywide Communications

‘Quentin has done a great job. His chairman’s mandate has been a breath

of fresh air and could result in the serious upgrading of registered PR

companies. Quentin and I had an open disagreement about taking on the

image of PR with the national media. I wasn’t confident that the media

want to be convinced of the good side of PR. But he tackled the

chairman’s job with great aplomb and usually won the day.’

Max Clifford Max Clifford Associates

‘Dear old Quentin. He should have been put out to seed years ago. His

mistake was taking me on in an attempt to get publicity for the PRCA. By

attacking me he scored an own goal. I remember his face in crushing

defeat and realised how important it all was to him. He tried very hard

to the best of his ability, unfortunately his ability didn’t match his

enthusiasm. I wish him a long and happy retirement. If he wants to see

how it’s really done he can come and make tea in my office anytime.’

Jeremy Clarke Lawson Clarke Publicity

‘Quentin was prepared to put his head above the parapet and face some

bullets as chairman of the PRCA. He adopted a media campaign to tackle

the central issue of ‘What is PR?’, and has done much to reshape the

PRCA. For the PRCA to survive it has to mean something. It needs

status. Members must be seen as offering something different and the

value of this difference needs to be aggressively marketed to client


Claire Walker Firefly Communications

‘I am very impressed with what Quentin has achieved. I have supported a

lot of his initatives and written to him to make suggestions, some of

which he has acknowledged and taken on board. It’s a breakthrough to

have had someone who listens and tries to drive change through the PRCA.

People have been suspicious of the PR industry but by appearing on News

Night or the Today programme Quentin is communicating what our

profession does.’

Rosemary Brook Institute of Public Relations

‘He has not been afraid to speak out and has articulated the views of an

important part of the industry. He has been bold and tackled issues head

on which needed to be done. He does tend to speak for marketing

communications perhaps more than other sectors as that is where he comes

from. I would not have bothered taking Max Clifford on as it was not

worth the trouble and gave Clifford more publicity than he deserved.’

The Big Question is edited by Lexie Goddard

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