Diary: Only fools would horse around with blow-up dolls that don’t do the deed

What’s the weirdest task you have ever had to tackle in the name of PR?

What’s the weirdest task you have ever had to tackle in the name of


Bet it doesn’t come close to the embarrassment that Spec Communications’

account manager Fiona Hamann suffered last week for client BT cable TV

Services. Hamann was organising an event in Milton Keynes to coincide

with the screening of Only Fools and Horses on UK Gold, carried by BT’s

cable channel in Milton Keynes.

She had arranged for lookalikes of Del and Rodney to turn up, when the

ultimate challenge was delivered by BT. Deciding that they would get the

lookalikes to replay the famous ’blow-up doll’ scene, Hamann was charged

with finding suitable dolls. But not just any blow-up dolls - this,

apparently was to be a ’family event’ and so the dolls could not be seen

with any ’working orifices’.

Undeterred by this bizarre request, Hamann thought she had found a shop

in High Wycombe which would supply her with such suspect goods.

Unfortunately, once she had rung the place and uttered the immortal

words ’Hello, I’m trying get hold of two blow-up dolls with no working

orifices’, she was told she had got through to a pub, and was speaking

to a very amused landlord.

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