THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: What PR lessons should the Royal family learn from recent events?

The Royals have been criticised for their handling of Princess Diana’s death and funeral

The Royals have been criticised for their handling of Princess

Diana’s death and funeral

Quentin Bell

Quentin Bell Organisation

’They have to view themselves as any other sort of brand which

interfaces with the public. They have to stop being so aloof and realise

that Diana represented the side of the Royals which was engaging and

friendly. Charles has to take the initiative by taking over from the

Queen in a caretaking role before William is old enough to become King.

If Charles doesn’t act then the moment will have passed.’

Jackie Elliot

Manning Selvage and Lee

’If people have the need for an actively caring and ’touchy’ Royal

Family I’m not sure the Windsors have it in them. They have to be

careful not to go too far down the road of trying to be everybody’s

friend. Diana conveyed genuine care but the Windsors are by nature

slightly remote and very wary and rightly so. They know that you take

the tiger by the tail when trying to use the media for your own


Mark Borkowski

Mark Borkowski PR

’They need to understand that the duty, protocol, and heritage thing is

dead. The stiff upper lip went out of the window years ago. They can’t

retreat into the castle and pull up the drawbridge, people want a


When they look toward the present monarch this isn’t there. They should

pull together a think-tank of professionals to help them through,

otherwise the results could be cataclysmic.’

Greg Levendusky

The Weber Group

’The monarchy stands on tradition but to be part of modern society it

needs to look forward. Diana stood for emotion and doing things despite

the shackles while the monarchy are attacked for standing on tradition

and tradition only. People want leaders to look up to and respect at a

time of crisis and they don’t have this at the moment. The monarchy

needs to look forward and adapt and be more responsive.’

Tim Adams

Lexis PR

’The palace initially misinterpreted the public mood. They didn’t see

that protocol must be overruled by common sense and have been forced to

perform a very public U-turn. They would be advised to consider their

structure in order to convey an objective viewpoint. There is also a

need for an authoritative spokesman.’

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